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Being The Main Attraction

Alright guys, over the past few years I’ve lived far from home but every time I came home for a visit I noticed Girls will always go for the guy that’s the center of attention.

It was so easy, I would go out with a group of friends and we would celebrate me being home then next thing you know the girls would be lining up to talk to me.

From there you need to be able to seal the deal but the fact of the matter is guys want the hottest girl and girls want the guy everybody else is talking about.

To use this on a more devious level just talk to your “wolf pack”, this should be a group of 4-5 guys, and convince them to pretend to be celebrating something for one person in the group.

It won’t matter what it is; promotion, engagement, birthday, returning from war.

Whatever, as long as the pack focus’s all their attention on that guy and when the girls start flocking help him out.

Tell of his accomplishments, his cool car, endowment just get the guy laid, then the next week rotate and the next wolf gets his turn.

Most importantly no cock blocking if it isn’t your turn 🙂

– The Crook

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