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Women are attracted to leaders


Women Are Attracted To Leaders

This isn’t something new or a trend that will eventually phase out, it’s a social dynamic that has been around since the dawn of our species and it’s not going to change anytime soon: almost all women are attracted to leaders and men who take charge of social situations.

Using your social intuition and leadership skills is a great way to flirt and tease a woman simply by verbalizing how aware you are about her behavior and the dynamic between you two.

It shows intelligence, and it also projects you as a leader by demonstrating how comfortable you are with expressing yourself and dictating the conversation.

Girls like to be led and are attracted to strong men who know how to lead, because they are natural followers.

This includes physical movement, as well as SOCIAL movement – on both small and large scales.

I don’t mean that in any manner that undermines the ability that women have to be independent and leaders in their own right. I know many very strong women and have loads of respect for them.

What I’m talking about here is what women find to be attractive in men, specifically leadership qualities.

Occasionally you’ll come across an overly independent woman who likes to control the men in their lives – which is unnatural and unhealthy – but when it comes to the vast majority of women, they need a man who is either equally or stronger willed than themselves.

They desire men who can take charge and add to their lives, not bring them down. This is why women are attracted to leaders who possess those abilities.

She wants YOU to have the guts to approach her and start the conversation.

She want YOU to bring her on a date – have a plan – and choose the location.

Women want men they can trust to lead them to fun, passionate experiences.

The more comfortable you get with being the leader of your interactions with women, the more attractive you will become to them.

Only weak men stand around trying to figure out what a girl likes to talk about or where she wants to go. Strong, attractive men take the lead and make things happen.

Within the first 30 minutes, I’ve already kissed the girl.

I’m not saying this to brag, or to be a “know it all hotshot”, but actually the opposite. This is the best way I can possibly explain what a lot of you guys are looking for when it comes to developing excellent “escalation” skills.

You should EXPECT to be kissing her by then.

By assuming that type of escalation, you will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy (or at the very least, you will move toward it faster).

You can also use this secret technique to guarantee that she’ll kiss you.

Also interesting to note; it isn’t always a regular kiss.

Sometimes, I’ll kiss a girl on the forehead or the cheek in a “you’re cute, but I’m a little out of your league, baby girl” kind of way.

But a kiss is a kiss.

Moving toward that dynamic of creating yourself as the prize in the interaction is really all that I think about.

From that, the conversation just builds itself.

You see, I’m talking about macro-calibration (focusing on the bigger picture), rather than micro-calibration (focusing on conversation topics).

When you think about the attitude and the vibe that you want to PULL HER INTO, your conversation will naturally evolve along those lines.

The last girl I talked to, I was thinking this:

“This girl is totally into me. She thinks I’m hot. She wants me. How adorable.”

This may have been delusional confidence on my part, but you know what? I still embraced that thought-process, and guess what happened?

I began teasing her, calling her a flirt, telling her she’s too young for me, basically, playing hard to get… and she responded to it full on.

She started asking me questions like if I think she’s attractive and if I have a girlfriend.

So what I’m saying here is, your internal view of the interaction will actually affect how the interaction proceeds.

When you get to a certain level of self-confidence, you can – almost unbelievably – dictate how you want the girl to act around you.

Once you really grasp this “prize mentality”, all of your best game will just come out of you naturally.

Your success will skyrocket, and it all comes from an internal shift.

Right now, that’s the best way I can possibly explain it.

It’s much more something that you have to experience to truly understand than something you can be taught, but hopefully this gives you some insight.

For those of you guys that know what I’m talking about, I hope you add to this with your own wisdom in the comments below.

I think this is something that is SO powerful that it can literally shatter the glass ceiling for most of the guys out there that are having trouble with girls.

It’s not a secret that women are attracted to leaders, so you have no excuse for not using this to your advantage.

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Best of luck guys.

Your friend,

Julian Webb

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