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Knowledge will lead you to success


Gain Knowledge And Win A great confidence booster for any man or is to arm yourself with knowledge and info from this site. You have to just KEEP READING! You may not remember everything or be able to put it in action right away but I guarantee that you will remember SOMETHING and it will be to your advantage when you interact with girls. One thing I have learned from my experience is to not...

Ask her about her strange behavior


Calling Her Out On It Whenever a girl is acting strangely, I always comment on it to her. Because trying to figure out the reasoning behind it is like shaking a box and trying to guess what’s inside. It’s a guessing game. The only real way to know is to actually OPEN the box. Sometimes the girl isn’t even aware of her own behavior, and pointing it out to her will give her some...

Chocolate works as an aphrodisiac


Chocolate Aphrodisiac Feed her chocolate! You might not know it, but chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac. This means that chocolate triggers emotions in our mind related to love and attraction. For instance, if a girl is thinking about you while she is eating a Hershey bar, she will feel more attracted to you than she normally would. It’s not a huge difference maker, but it definitely heightens...

Women can orgasm from many ways


Insight On Female Orgasms Girls have vivid sexual fantasies and can spontaneous climax without having anyone touch them. The first time I discovered this was while playing with the breasts and nipples of my girlfriend at the time. I’d been at it for awhile, when all of a sudden, without any warning at all, she forcefully grabbed the back of my head and damn near smothered me while grinding...

Free Seduction Guide

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