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How to become a natural with women


Being A Natural With Women Did you know that all the seduction techniques you learn are really just about portraying the behavior of a man that is a natural with women and mimicking what works for them? Essentially, the good strategies that actually work were all “discovered” rather than “created”. For example, one guys would do something completely naturally (without...

Stay away when she is in a bad mood


Avoid Her Bad Moods Be aware of her mood before approaching. If she is in a bad mood your chances of success are drastically less than if she was in a good mood. Do not try to cheer her up either. You may be able to make her feel slightly better if you are funny and can take her mind off of whatever is bothering her, but she will then relate you to the bad feelings on a subconscious level, which...

How to make sure women respect you


Get Respect From Girls Respect is very important. You can’t hope to get girls to sleep with you if they don’t respect you. Even if you manage to it will only be because they are using you for other purposes and feel that you will not give them what they want unless sex is involved. In turn, you must also have a certain level of respect for the girls in your life but at the same time...

Practice is the key to getting girls


Practice And Get Laid Alright, I’m assuming that you’ve already committed yourself to learning everything that this website has to offer so that you will eventually know every single trick to picking up girls. Congratulations! However, now is the time when you need to recommit yourself to something totally different, and ultimately much more important: Using what you know! You may now...

She just broke up with her boyfriend


She Talks About Her Ex Whenever a girl that you are talking to brings up the subject of her ex-boyfriend, you’ve got to immediately change the subject every time she does. The last thing you want is for her to think you are a “shoulder to cry on”. If you learn that she had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship it’s kind of a sticky situation. You can most...

How to attract virgins successfully


Gaming Virgins Properly The issue about Virgins is that their natural defenses are always set to automatic and in overdrive, making it much harder to progress your game with them than it is with girls who are already used to that sort of thing. When it comes to virgins you have to first build a lot of rapport and comfort which will lead to trust, but how do you do this? The first thing you need...

If you believe it you can achieve it


Always Believe In Yourself I believe that being a player makes you a better person and gives you the ability to be a man with a pair of balls in a wussified world. I believe that being a player defines your character and shapes who you are and lets yourself shine to others and the girls around you. I believe that you will stand out from the crowd,and also not only make the crowd but make everyone...

What she says is not what she means


She Doesn’t Mean That Never take what a girl says at face value! I’m not saying that girls intentionally lie all of the time, but you must learn that a girl’s desires and actions are never consistent with what they say and in most cases are the exact opposite. Girls act and respond almost solely based on their emotions, not their logic. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s...

Routine openers are not always best


Routines Aren’t The Best There is no such thing as a “best” opener, there are only those that work and those that do not work. Your goal when using an opener is to get a conversation going and gain the acceptance of the group that you are opening, and if your opener can achieve that, it is all that matters. While some openers can technically be classified as being better in...

Starting off slow and pacing yourself


Learning Game? Pace Yourself Greed is a bad thing, this we all know, and just as it is not good to get greedy when dealing with money, the same can be said for when you are dealing with girls. Just like most skills that you can gain in life, you can’t expect to get everything all at once, so in this case, you can’t assume that you will be able to go out and pull ANY girl right away...

Free Seduction Guide

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