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So you’re not getting laid?

Are you tired of girls not giving you the time of day while they melt and swoon over other guys who just seems to have something that you don’t have? There’s a definitive reason why you’re not getting laid and those guys are, and that’s what I’m here to show you.

The real truth may surprise you, or perhaps it won’t because deep down you already know why you don’t get laid and what the problem is.

Maybe you just need to hear me give it to you strait so everything “clicks” and you can start making the changes you need to start getting laid like you deserve.

In any case, if you’re not getting laid this article is surely going to help you.

Truth be told, I used to be just like you. All of us at the Paragon Project were, at some point or another, just like you.

In fact, most of the men on this planet are like you. That’s why websites like this exist.

Why is this?

It’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s quite simply just the social environment that we live in.

Most modern men have become pushovers, and the ones who haven’t are getting all of the girls.

This is a climate where we are taught from a very young age to respect girls and treat them in certain ways, but when we follow those “rules” is backfires on us and does nothing more than turn them off.

This leads us to having a hard time getting laid, then searching for a solution to our problem on the internet, finding this website and finally learning the truth.

Now here you are.

We are taught to treat girls the way they want to be treated and not the way that they NEED to be treated. The irony in all of this is that girls don’t even want to be treated like that in the first place, whether they consciously know it or not.

This confusion is why so many men don’t get laid.

If that wasn’t true then why would women consistently always go for the guys who are breaking those rules?

Smell that?

That’s what 55 year old garbage smells like.

Quite simply, masculinity in men has been in a steady decline since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

In my grandfather’s day (in other words – when men were real men) they knew how to treat a woman properly.

That age is long gone, and if you fast forward to now and see the difference you can begin to understand why you’re not getting laid often.

There are still some men who know what’s up.

They know how to treat a woman in a way which really turns her on. They aren’t afraid to go against the grain (what society tells them to do) and instead just go with what works.

These guys are commonly known as jerks or assholes by the average nice guys who are out of the loop. They know (consciously or subconsciously) that what really turns a woman on is not a man’s looks, but his PERSONALITY.

Have you ever seen a woman approach or be receptive to a guy who looked like a model, but become turned off after a few minutes because he was so boring and dull?


The most obvious difference between yourself and these jerks that get laid is that they value themselves enough that they aren’t willing to conform to what modern society deems appropriate just because other people say so.

Girls pick up on this, and are attracted to them because they are seen as wild and out of control.

In reality they aren’t even really being that rebellious, they simply just figured out what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting laid, and what works just so happens to not be “politically correct”.

The problems only occur when these guys take things a bit too far, which is where the “jerk” label comes from.

The good news is, you can transcend what these types of men do, and enter a whole new level of attractiveness. You can avoid the mistakes they make and still reap the benefits that they do now that you know why you’re not getting laid, without ever getting labeled as a jerk.

There is a right way to treat a woman that will get you laid every time, and it DOESN’T involve being mean or deceiving at all.

If you become the right type of man or know the right secrets, you can even take two women home at a time!

There are in fact four levels of men on the attraction scale:

At the bottom are what girls refer to as weirdos and creeps. These are the guys that give off stalker type of vibes and quite literally scare women at first sight. It’s very important for girls to be able to sense these kind of men and avoid them, because there really are a bunch of sick dudes out there.

Next up are the average guys and nice guys. These dudes make up the large majority amount men. I’m not going to make up a false statistical percentage, but if I had to guess, well over half of all men on the planet fall into this category. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these men, they have good intentions unlike the freaks I described above, but their problem is that they just haven’t figured women out yet. Nice guys tend to act far too needy with women, resulting in failure.

Up higher on the list are the jerks. They know how to push most of a woman’s buttons to make her attracted, but not all. Most of the time the things that they do naturally just seem to work, but they rarely know why it works or have a decent understand of women. Due to this, often their relationships are tumultuous and unstable. The reason for this is because they tend to push the limits too far.

At the very top you have alpha males. These men have their life in order and a level of confidence as high as it goes. They can push ALL of a woman’s attraction buttons and know exactly what to do and when. Most importantly, they know why and how it works – and how to balance it all in a way that bends the rules without breaking them. This let’s them have great relationships with hot women all of the time.

You now know exactly why you’re not getting laid, but how do you become an alpha male and start getting laid?

The Paragon Project has created a program which is so groundbreaking that it heralds a new step forward in the way men SHOULD think and act around girls.

Why? Because girls go CRAZY for this stuff!

It’s so good that we once you learn all of our secret tricks, you just won’t have any competition at all.

YOU always getting laid, that will just become normal.


Have a look at “The New Breed” right now!


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