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3 reasons why women love assholes


See why women love assholes

What could she possibly see in him? That dude is a jerk and treats her like she’s worthless, but it seems like she just can’t get enough of it! You see this wonder why women love assholes so much and never go for nice guys.

There’s no denying it because you see it all of the time; girls just love to date jerks, but why?

I’m about to lay it all out in the open for you.

The answer is quite simple; assholes and jerks have character traits that the nice guys don’t. These traits may come packaged along with a TON of negative traits as well, yet women are so drawn the them that it is more than enough for these jerks to have success with girls.

In the end, he never ends up keeping her and moves on to the next girl while she’s left heart broken and wondering if it’s her fault.

Then what does she do?

Yup, find another jerk to date. It’s not like she’s going to settle for a nice guy, because they lack too many attractive traits.

So what exactly do these assholes do correctly?

They are able to show a few very important (and attractive) alpha male qualities:

Non-neediness, dominance, and most of all they value themselves.

Both guys AND girls are only attracted to those whom we view to have either equal or greater value than we do ourselves.

Don’t you want a girlfriend that is better looking than you, or at least looks equal? That’s just this theory in action, and it’s one of the 3 reasons why women love assholes so much; their perceived social value is very high.

An asshole is able to create attraction in women by over-inflating his own value and bringing down those around him.

This is unhealthy. Effective, yet unhealthy.

Jerks can keep a girl around by making her feel like she can’t get anyone else because her value is shot down so low while he bolsters his own. He’s doing nothing more than creating false value, but it still works regardless.

I’m going to talk more about social value in a moment, but for now let’s break down all 3 reasons why women love assholes in detail:


This is a trait that assholes and jerks share with the alpha male.

Jerks can project dominance because they view a girl as nothing more than a trophy. Since he feels like he is so much better than women he is able to conquer them easily without needing to care about his methods or consequences.

Basically, an asshole doesn’t care about anything except himself, and women love it.

Dominance and a certain level of aggression are attractive traits that he does possess. This is positive because it shows strong leadership in hard times and that he has the ability to protect her.

ALL girls want to feel safe, yet at the same time a sense of danger excites them.

Most assholes are very good at providing both of these things.

Nice guys? Not so much.


This is another quality that helps bring to light exactly why women love assholes so much.

The alpha male doesn’t need to beg or ask for anything from a girl. He knows he can already get it, so it is not THAT big of a deal. Assholes just doesn’t care as well, while the nice guy never gets anything so he is always begging for it.

The more the alpha male and the asshole get out of women, the less they beg and thus the more they continue to get. It’s a cycle that continues on and makes it easier for successful guys to get women even easier.

On the other hand, the nice guy gets less, so he becomes more desperate and begs for scraps or whatever he can get.

This behavior, as we all know, is very unattractive to girls.

The alpha male and the jerk are in positive reinforcing cycles of getting girls, while the nice guy is stuck in a downward, helpless spiral of misery.

Self value:

Both the alpha male and asshole have a strong sense of their own value.

The alpha male knows who he is and where he stands. He is a man who stands tall with true confidence that everyone can see and feel.

This is obviously a very attractive trait.

The asshole has an over-inflated sense of false self value. He thinks that he is “the man” and that he is better than everyone else.

Since attraction is created by having an equal or higher value in contrast to someone else, a jerk manages to create attraction in an unhealthy way by putting others down in relation to himself, which creates the difference in values that he needs to attract girls on a regular basis.

This is why assholes still manage to always get the girls. The downside for him is that the girl will eventually catch on and turn out to hate him.

He loses in the end, but as we already know he really doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, the nice guy down-plays himself and doesn’t display any self value. He doesn’t feel as if he deserves hot girls, so he worships the ground that they walk on. He lowers his value so low that he doesn’t have a fighting chance.

He loses in the end as well, and it means the world to him.

The worst part is that the nice guy didn’t even get the girl at all. Not very fair, but that’s the life of a nice guy who doesn’t know any better.

Value is the most important trait the alpha male has that the nice guy does not; a strong sense of self value makes all of the difference.

He knows what he is worth to other people and what he is entitled to. Unlike the asshole, the alpha male is able to keep the girl he wants for as long as he desires. When they leave each other, he still has the option of dating her friends. While the jerk on the other hand is usually hated by her friends by that point.

Well, most of the time. It depends on the type of girls that you are dealing with.

When all is said and done, is it better to be an asshole than a nice guy? Of course. Now that you know why women love assholes and not nice guys, it’s pretty obvious which is the better option of the two. However, is choosing to be an asshole just to get laid the right decision?

No, because alpha males get to enjoy women just as much as jerks do, but without any of the negative side effects.

In a head-to-head competition for the affection of a particular girl, an asshole wouldn’t stand a chance against an alpha male.

He would lose every time.

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