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Why rejection does not matter at all


Rejection Doesn’t Matter

The guy who gets rejected the most is the guy who will leave with the most numbers!

Quit being scared or rejection and just get out there and do it.

The trick is to not think about it, if you start thinking “Should I talk to her or not?” then you will talk yourself out of it.

Think about it this way, if you talk to her you might have a 50% chance of being rejected and a 50% chance of success, but if you don’t talk to her you have a 0% chance of success.

If you don’t initiate the conversation it will most likely never take place!

Pretend it’s a card game:

You might have the best hand, but if you don’t bet on it, you won’t get the sweetest pot.

Likewise, if you have a bad hand and fold you might not know if you would of hit it.

You can’t win every hand, but winning the “Game” is not about having the best hand once, it’s about PLAYING the right combination of confidence, skill and bluffing.

Try this trick to help get over your fear:

Go on a dating site.

Plentyoffish, Craigs, Match, Facebook, whatever and just try out new openers.


Try out funny openers.


Try out creepy stuff that will make you laugh.


Bottom line, get rejected as much as possible.

Then go out.

I find that when I do this at work, I get so annoyed by how stupid so many girls are and how much of a joke it is that when I go out I look at girls and then truly cut all the bull shit out.

I see them as profiles and its as if I’m just scrolling through them to see which one I want.

This is a good way to tackle approach anxiety from another angle.

– Wood

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