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This is why hot girls always date jerks


Hot Girls Always Date Jerks

It’s the age old question – why do women go for bad boys? What is it that makes smoking hot girls always date jerks like me, while guys like yourself are stuck at the bar watching in awe and hating on me?

Confidence, dominance, non-neediness, social value…

Should I continue? Or do you get the point yet?

Basically, everything you are not (yet)!

Don’t get mad at me for saying that, because you’ll be thanking me in a minute. What you’re about to read is some of the realest advice for nice guys that you’ll ever read.

Believe me, I might be 100% brutal with my delivery, but you NEED this.

Think about the last time you were in a bar or club. You order your drink, prop yourself up against the bar, nod your head to the music and look at all of the hot girls on the dance floor.

You notice a hot blonde enjoying herself and you mention to your friend: “Wow, I’d definitely date her!”

Sure you would, but she wouldn’t let you. You don’t have the balls to approach her!

What do you expect is going to happen?

Do you think that she’s just going to stop dancing, turn in your direction, notice how non-cool you look standing up against the bar with your one buddy who looks as equally pathetic, and then ask you out on a date?

This ISN’T a movie. This is real life, and in real life hot girls always date jerks (or at least guys with similar qualities) – they NEVER date “nice guys”.

Do you know why that stuff happens in movies? Because the writer doesn’t get girls, like yourself.

He doesn’t know how to properly seek out a hot women and have success with them, so he has to write about the stuff he dreams about.

Lesson number one; you won’t meet women unless you go and approach them.

It will only happens if you MAKE it happen.

Nobody will do it for you, it’s a fact of life.

Everyone wonders why alpha males always get the girls, and the truth is that they simply understand the need to make things happens themselves rather than wait around for it to just fall into their lap.

That’s the difference between guys like me and guys like you.

Back to the bar:

After you snap out of your little fantasy and back to reality, the blonde is still on the dance floor, but wait, she has a dancing partner now. Guess who… that’s right, it’s me!

“What does she see in him?” You ask your buddy, “He’s not that good looking!”

Well, actually I am, but even if I wasn’t, I’d still be leaving the bar with that blonde because like I said earlier – hot girls always date jerks – and Jerk is quite literally my name.

You see, I was next to you ordering my drink when you were chatting away to your buddy, so I decided to show you how it’s done.

That’s how the scenario would play out in REAL life.

I showed confidence by approaching her, I showed dominance by holding my eye contact with her, leading her from the dance floor to a seat nearby and taking control of the social interaction.

I showed non-neediness by leaving her for 10 minutes while I went to show value by talking my friends, both men and women.

Wanna know a secret?

All you need to do is read my book and you’ll be doing the same thing in no time.

YOU who will be laughing at the bar-propping-brigade of losers instead of being just another one of them!

Now you know why hot girls always date jerks, let’s turn you into one.

Don’t worry, women won’t think you are just a sleazy dude trying to get into their pants.

I’m being serious. You don’t need to degrade women, cheat on them, be mean, or any of the other negative stereotypes that are attached to the “jerk” label.

In my book “How To Be A Jerk Like Me” I’ll teach you have to develop the attractive traits that girls love about jerks so you can add them to your own personality.

You don’t need to change your values or who you are for that to happen.

When you’re ready to make a change and start getting women, head on over to that link above and see what the book is all about.

– The Jerk

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