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This is what women want in a man


What women want in a man

If we look past all of the fake garbage that society pumps into our heads, can we really figure out exactly what women want in a man?

That’s the big question, right?

To be the center of attraction to almost all girls a man must make himself a man in terms of how girls define the ideal ‘man’ in a collective sense.

That sentence is really confusing, isn’t it?

Alright, I’ll put it into more simple terms.

What I mean is this:

The main thing that all girls look for is a guy that is a real man and he knows it.

How do you become that type of man?

There’s plenty of things you can do, most of which involve self improvement or changing the way you view the world and the role that you play in it, and luckily for you I know them all.

Do I have your attention? Good.

Let me break it down for you

Instead of adding a bunch of useless fluff to this article and wasting your time, I’m going to break what women want in a man down into categories and bullet points for you.

Use the information that you’ll find below like a checklist for how to be the perfect man and you’ll always be on track.

Here we go:

Behave like a real man does:

Stop chasing and sweating girls. Sweat yourself.

If you do that they’ll be chasing you instead. If you don’t do that, you’ll need to know how to get out of the friend zone.

Don’t stare at girls, they feel our desperation.

Play it like you have your life together and you’re the one who should be getting stared at by her.

Fill up your time with the types of activities that you want to do. You are a MAN, embrace it.

Run on their own natural energy and give others your time, but still always do you first.

Be a man of integrity, a man of dignity.

Girls like men with the guts to stand for something that they believe in.

Be a man that always makes the right decisions.

If you slip up, don’t get defensive. Man up and admit that you were wrong.

How you act as a man directly determines the type of girls that you will be able to date.

Girls are like a prize. Only real men win them.

There are no consolation prizes in the game of love. Either you win and get the girl or you lose and you don’t.

Don’t act like you need girls. Know in your mind that they need you more than you want them.

You’re not just a man, you’re the man.

Handle your appearance:

Take care of yourself like you never have before.

Live for the pure only.

Drink water, juices, and eat all kinds of healthy food. You’ll end up feeling and looking better.

Wear the finest. Smell great, not just good.

When you wash your face, use the BEST soap.

When you dress, make sure you look like a gentleman yet still so fly that no other guy is on your level. Kill the competition.

Do better than the next man.

Look better than the next man.

Be better than the next man!

Control your internal beliefs:

Be committed in your heart to being the strongest (physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, etc.) man you can possibly be.

Believe that you’re the man and that any girl would be lucky to have you.

Love yourself with a passion.

People pick up on what you store in your heart, so be careful of what you put in there.

Take special consideration in terms of what type of person you are. Know yourself.

Think of as many good things that you’re not yet, then practice being them right away.

Be the type of person who would never do another wrong. Think good thoughts only.

Believe it or not, bad thoughts manifest in our lives in ways we can not detect.

Girls see things that we don’t about ourselves.

Think that life is great and you’re the greatest.

Girls will begin to see and believe the same.

Whatever you think you are, you will become.

Display yourself to the world:

Be a little arrogant, but not overly. Have a “I’m the man and I know it” swagger at all times.

That type of swag only works once you have everything else up to par. If there is an aspect of your game that is not tight then it will come out as you interact with girls.

Girls simply want the best and most impressive man that they can possibly get their hands on.

Just like we want our girls to be soft, beautiful and feminine, what women want in a man is for him to be masculine, secure and confident.

Carry yourself as if you have a high self-esteem.

Girls love thoughtful men. Be so thoughtful (to yourself) to the point that you don’t leave anything in limbo within your life.

Think about it: If girls liked a man simply because he is “nice”, then there wouldn’t be a real incentive for men to be “men”.

Girls would just go for anybody.

Instead, women have an innate desire to want men that are real men. Girls have a strong sense of who you really are.

There is no faking them out unless you use a really hardcore technique.

As a man, you should have a code of conduct, a set of strict guidelines to live by.

Guidelines that you choose, and you alone.

Give girls only good things to think about you when they see you, it is then that you will begin to receive respect from girls.

The bottom line is this:

Be a real man in every aspect of your life.

Women will notice that and want to be with you.

What women want in a man is simple; they desire a real man who believe it, acts like it, embraces it and lives it.

So, are you ready to man up?

If so, then read my book and find out exactly how I get any woman that I want.

Then you’ll be able to do it too.

It’s about the tricks you know – that’s all – and I can teach you the best of them.

– The Jerk

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