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What to wear on a date with a girl


What to wear on a date

With so many choices available, it’s relatively hard to know exactly what to wear on a date with a girl to look as attractive as possible.

Music artists, actors and various other public figures can cloud your mind by making you believe that you should copy what they wear.

In reality, most of the time they are the only people who can pull off wearing such flashy set-ups without looking stupid.

Some things only look good on stage.

After much thought, research and trial and error, I believe I’ve whipped up the perfect recipe to help you figure out what to wear on a date and impress the girl you’re after.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Shoes & boots

Your shoes are very important because girls tend to notice what is on a man’s feet rather quickly, and some may judge you based on what they observe.

They aren’t really checking to make sure you’re wearing name brand shoes, they just know that a man’s shoes can tell a story.

Your shoes give women a quick glimpse into what type of guy you are.

If you have work boots on that are tattered and stained, she’ll know that you at least have a job and are probably a hard working guy.

Some women like that, while others will frown upon the fact that you work with your hands.

If you have the latest iteration of Jordan’s on, she’ll get the impression that you are most likely vain and value you appearance very highly.

Some girls dig that, but others might be turned off and think you’re shallow and materialistic.

As you can see, there really is no right choice.

You can try to target the type of women you like by tailoring what you put on your feet to be in line with what those kind of girls respond to, but there simply is no “one shoe pleases all” option out there.

What you can do is always keep your shoes fresh and clean.

Always take care of your shoes by cleaning them regularly, and when they start looking a little old it’s time to hit the store.

Personally I like to wear high top sneakers almost all of the time, and boots during the winter.

If you can’t afford multiple pairs of shoes, try to stay away from colorful shoes. Having a fully matching and fly looking outfit is much more important than rocking an eye catching pair of kicks.

Those new superman blue sneakers may look cool on the shelf, but you probably only have a few outfits they’ll go with.

Universally matching color shoes are the way to go.

So whenever you’re unsure, go with white, black or grey.

However, if you can afford more than one new pair of shoes at a time then it is important to keep your wardrobe in mind when shopping for shoes.

Only buy shoes that will look good with at least one of your best outfits.

Choosing what to wear on a date isn’t about picking individual items, it’s about putting an entire outfit together.

The beauty of socks

Man, I love socks.

Seriously, I must own at least 100 pairs.

Whoever invented socks deserves a lifetime supply of anything and everything.

I can’t imagine life without them.

Anyway, the type of socks you wear does not have much of an impact on your overall appearance.

However it would be wise to note that dress socks and overly colorful socks can be a bad idea.

Just rock white socks and get it over with.

Sock height does not matter.

Pants & shorts

There are fewer options when it comes to pants, such as: jeans, slacks, sweats, joggers and khakis.

Trends change very fast, so be aware of what is “in” at any given moment.

For example, right now comfortable is the new cool, so joggers are in full effect. Also, khakis are completely out (unless your job requires it).

However, less than two years ago joggers weren’t cool yet and jeans still ruled the world, and two years from now everything will have changed yet again.

Regardless, some things always stay the same, so let’s talk about the static rules:

When buying pants, never go for anything with too many pockets. It makes you look too high utility and top-shelf women are not attracted to the survivalist, “look at my gun collection” type of guys.

How long you’ll survive while lost at sea shouldn’t be a factor in picking what to wear on a date with a girl.

Always be aware of the color of the stitching on your pants (mostly with jeans), because that is what you will want to match your shirt with. For example, blue stitching = blue shirt, beige stitching = beige shirt, grey stitching = grey shirt.

You get the idea.

The color of your pants or shorts does not really matter – your finished outfit is what’s important – so when shopping for pants be aware of the shirts you intend on pairing them up with.

Don’t buy pants that are too baggy, that trend died a long time ago. You’ll look like you either can’t shop, are wearing hand-me-downs, or took a time machine back to the early 2000’s and raided 50 Cent’s closet.

Down under matters

Yes, this is something that matters when it comes to choosing what to wear on a date.

What if your date goes well and you end up taking her back to your place? The last thing you want is to get caught wearing tighty whities.

Wear the good stuff on top of your good stuff, that’s the motto.

Boxer briefs are hot right now, preferably Calvin Klein if you want to splurge.

I’d rather spend 30 bucks on a great pair of drawers and 10 on a shirt than the other way around, but that’s just me.

Let’s just say I like to impress up until the very last minute.

Boxers come in second, but are viewed as out of style and immature by most modern women. I never wear boxers anymore, but did when I was younger.

Tighty whities have been shunned since the 1970’s. If you still own any, burn them.

Don’t take my word for it, go see out what girls think.

Do yourself a favor and just buy a pair of Calvin’s for each day of the week and be done with it.

Shirts & tops

This is too large of a subject for me to properly advise you in any particular way, so I’ll just offer some suggestions.

If you’re hanging around, going to the store or engaging in any other everyday activities, just wear a T-Shirt.

I’ve pulled a ton of girls while wearing just plain white or black T-Shirts.

They make you appear to be very approachable, have no negative stigmas attached to them and don’t allow you to be stereotyped and thrown into any certain category.

If you can’t choose what to wear on a date, play it safe with a plain tee.

On the other hand, if you are going on a date, to a club or bar, or engaging in any other night-life type of activities, feel free to rock something with a little more flair if you want.

Collared shirts are always a safe bet, but safe might not be your twist. It definitely isn’t mine.

Definitely do not wear graphic tees. At the time of this writing, graphic tees have made their way out of the spotlight and have been replaced by trendy printed tees with various designs on them.

However as I said earlier trends change ridiculously fast, so by this same time next year graphic tees could be going full blast again for all I know.

Leave the gym clothes at the gym!

I don’t care if you’ve got biceps the size of watermelons, you do NOT look attractive wearing a wife beater everywhere you go.

Think about it like this:

You are presented with two girls that are identical twins, in which the only difference is that one of them is wearing a super short skirt and tiny top, while the other is wearing a regular, slightly sexy dress.

If you were asked which one you want to take home, you would probably opt for the one in the skirt.

However, if you were asked which one you want to start a relationship with, you would choose the other.

Girls have that state of mind ALL THE TIME.

They are looking for a man to start a relationship with.

So if the scenario was the other way around and you were the twin with a muscle shirt on, then you would have a big L on your forehead.

Catch my drift?

The “I’m a bodybuilder” and “I’m a personal trainer” excuses won’t fly either.

It’s not a secret, everyone knows the real reason why you’re dressing like that – including the woman you are trying to impress.

The need to show off your muscles at all times is an indication of insecurity, through and through.

This is viewed as compensating.

If you even contemplate putting on a beater or regular tank when figuring out what to wear on a date with a girl, you need to re-evaluate your self image.

Well, unless your date is taking place at the beach, lake or water park.

All of which are places that I highly recommended for a first date.

Bling, but just a little

Jewelry is always a plus, but don’t take it too far.

If you look like Mr. T than I suggest you make a trip to the pawn shop before you get robbed or laughed at.

I’ve found that medium sized diamond stud earrings (both ears) along with a nice watch to be a sufficient and powerful addition to any look.

Nowadays my only real accessory other than my earrings is my smart watch, but that’s a personal choice since I don’t like walking around with my phone all of the time, so I have my calls and texts forwarded to the watch.

You are not limited to just these things. Bracelets, rings and chains are all fair game as well.

Just don’t wear it all at the same time.

Moderation is always the key when it comes to jewelry. Always has been, and always will be.

Hats & beanies

Unless you get a horrible haircut, don’t put anything on your head if you are going on a date or out to a club.

If you are lounging or going somewhere casual, then anything is fair game.

Beanies are also a great substitute during colder months, and depending on your facial shape can be a very attractive addition to your outfit.

Just remember; things that go on your head are out of the question when it comes to what to wear on a date.

One more thing

Try to stay away from any type of clothing with large logos or writing.

If you buy higher-end clothes then you won’t have to worry about this.

When was the last time you saw Armani or Gucci written in big bold letters across a shirt? Why would you want to be a walking Nike advertisement anyway?

If you don’t think you can afford high-end designer clothes, you’re wrong.

You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find at discount stores and outlets.

One more thing (again)

Always iron your clothes before going out, it will make all of the difference.

If wearing khakis (don’t) or dress pants, make sure you don’t forget to make some creases in the front and back to get that crispy look.

That’s about it for my guide for what to wear on a date and how to dress in general.

You can always learn more by reading something more in-depth on this topic, like how to always dress perfectly and attract women like crazy.

I’ll try to come back to this article every few months or so (whenever I change up my own style) to make sure this stays updated to reflect the latest trends.

However, I’ll probably have written a new article on this topic by then, so maybe I won’t.

Always remember that just looking good is not enough to get you the hottest girls, you’ll need some game.

Fortunately, you can just read my book to learn all of the dirty little tricks.

With the right information, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Go read the book ASAP!

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