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Know What To Talk About

You’ll have to talk to a lot of women if you want to ever get good at picking them up and getting laid. But, how do you go about doing this? How do you know what to talk about with a girl and keep the conversation interesting and flowing without it ever becoming boring?

It’s easy, let her do the talking and you just sit back and listen.

That’s it! Of course YOU need to talk too, but you don’t need to worry about what to say or what to talk about.

See how I said you need to listen? That’s the most important part. Women are way better than men at talking since they get so much more practice. She’s the pro, so relax and let her do her thing.

The woman will guide the conversation along and do most of the work for you, all you need to do is pay enough attention to add to the conversation every so often, and make sure that the few words that do come out of your mouth are winners.

Hopefully the woman you are talking to isn’t boring, in which case this should be no problem for you.

Think about all of the conversations you have with your guy friends. What makes them interesting?

It’s the fact that you are talking about something that you WANT to talk about, and you will always try and steer the conversation that way, no matter what it takes – it’s the same in the dating game, but you just let the women steer the conversation! Most of the time you’ll be talking about things that aren’t even close to as interesting as what you talk about with your guy friends, so who cares who is in control of the conversation.

Let her roll with it.

Now what I am about to tell you is one of the most GOLDEN things you will ever learn about talking to a women.

I’m not joking.

This is so good that I should have put it into my book (well, I did put a more elaborate an effective version in there), I can’t believe I’m about to give you this piece of information for free!

The next time you talk to a women, any women – whether it be your mom, your sister, aunt, your uncle who’s a transvestite, whatever – notice that they ALWAYS like to dictate the conversation.


I’ll give you an example:

You: “What have you done today?”
Girl: “I went shopping with my sister. We had so much fun. How about you?”

Now, because you have no clue how to talk to a women, you will automatically answer her question and talk about YOURSELF – because that’s your natural reaction.

Besides, that’s what you’re supposed to do. She asked a question, so she obviously wants you to answer, right?

WRONG. Every fucking time. WRONG!

She’s given you two things that SHE wants to talk about, and neither one have anything to do with you.

Shopping, and her sister.

She doesn’t give a shit about your day, seriously – and to be perfectly honest, neither could I, because it doesn’t help me get laid – and it won’t get you laid either.

Do you see what is happening here?

Yes, she technically did ask you a question, but she doesn’t really want you to answer that question. What she really wants is for you to respond with a question of your own that has something to do with what she mentioned.

Something about HER.

Asking YOU about YOUR day was just her being polite. Besides, do you really feel like telling her about your boring ass fucking day? Of course you don’t. Anything interesting about your day (like if you got numbers from ten other girls before her) isn’t something that you would want her to know about.

So just talk about HER like she wants, and later tell your boys how good the pussy was.

Talk about shopping or her sister and you are on the right track. If you NEED to answer her question, do it quick and then move on to what SHE wants to talk about in the same sentence. Your best bet would be to talk about her sister, because women are emotional creatures and respond better to that type of shit.

Watch this:

Jerk: “What did you do today?”
Girl: “I went shopping with my sister. We had so much fun. How about you?
Jerk: “I got chased by kittens. So, your sister huh? If she’s as hot as you are then you might have a little competition. *wink*”

See what I did there? I answered her question, made it funny and entertaining but didn’t put too much emphasis on it, because I KNOW that she doesn’t actually give a shit, and I’m cool with that.

Notice how I also threw her a compliment, but at the same time showed value in myself by indirectly joking about the fact that her sister might be interested in me too. BUT, the true beauty of that response is that I made the decision FOR HER that she likes me. Even if she wasn’t attracted to me before, her subconscious mind IS NOW.

THAT’S real game, my friend. No magic tricks required.

Let’s look at some more examples to make sure you get this talking to women shit down:

Girl: “I just started this new job! It’s so fun!”
Jerk: “What are your co-workers like? Are they cool like me, or a bunch of nerds?”

In that example above, see how I have stayed on the subject of her new job, but turned it into the emotional shit that she loves by talking about the PEOPLE she works with, not the job itself. Your natural reaction as a MAN would be to ask about the job itself, but she is a WOMAN and is more interested in people than things.

Also take note of how I threw a value booster in there for good measure by reminding her how cool I am.

Jerk: “Do you have any plans for this weekend?”
Girl: “I’m going surfing with my sister, then we’re hitting the town at night! What are you doing?”
Jerk: “Hitting the town, huh? I bet you get drunk after one shot! You couldn’t hang with the big boys (pointing at myself).”

Yet again I stuck with the subject matter that SHE really wanted to talk about, then took the boring conversation down a flirtatious path by teasing her. More importantly, I avoided answering her question directly, and instead planted the idea in her mind that she would be doing shots with ME when she goes out.

Basically, I answered her question by telling her that what I’d be doing that weekend is drinking with her, then fucking her later on.

Jerk: “Merry Christmas.”
Girl: “Oh my god! I forgot to call my sister!”
You: “I fucked your sister.”

OK, that last one was a joke. But by now you should have known saying that to a girl won’t get you laid. If you didn’t, you’re not learning quick enough. Fucking pay attention, this shit is important.

But do you see how easy this stuff is!? I didn’t lie to you! Once you KNOW what to talk about with women, picking them up becomes as easy as swearing at a sports event!

So what is the correct answer to the question of what to talk about?


That’s ALWAYS what you should focus on talking about with a girl. As long as it’s about her, you’re on the right track.

Okay, now that you know a little bit about spitting game, you’re ready to read my book “How To Be A Jerk Like Me” and learn my most insanely effective tricks for getting laid.

Don’t be a hesitant little bitch, go check out the book and start banging hot girls ASAP.

That’s another thing you need to know: women are attracted to men who take action and go after what they really want. If what you desire is to have beautiful girls in your bed all of the time, then man up and have a look at my book because it can make that happen.

Stop stalling, grow some balls and go see it right now!

– The Jerk

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