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What she says is not what she means


She Doesn’t Mean That

Never take what a girl says at face value! I’m not saying that girls intentionally lie all of the time, but you must learn that a girl’s desires and actions are never consistent with what they say and in most cases are the exact opposite.

Girls act and respond almost solely based on their emotions, not their logic.

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how they operate so you must understand it.

Therefore, even if a girl believes something to be true, that’s not always the case.

For example, girls will say all the time that they aren’t attracted to short guys and then end up dating a guy who is under 6 feet tall.

It’s because that short guy had confidence and didn’t care what she said because it has no effect on his game.

Many other girls will openly proclaim that they never kiss or have sex on the first date, but then quickly change their mind the moment the right guy shows up and says all of the right things to them.

Never let anything a girl says (besides obvious rejection) deter your game or confidence.

Keep on with your game and you will surprise yourself when you find out how little girls know about their own desires!

– GoinPhoenix

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