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Wearing clothes that attract women


Wear The Right Clothes

While at a bar or nightclub, observe what type of clothes other men that are successful with the ladies are wearing, this will give you a general idea of what to wear.

I can’t tell you exactly what to wear because fashions tend to vary depending on where you live, but one simple rule to remember is: Dress to impress, always try to overdress for the occasion.

Women almost always assume that the best dressed men in the building are the most successful/highest paid.

I’m not telling you to dress in a way that will only attract gold digger, but rather to dress in a way that will make others say “Wow, he looks like someone important.”

Always make sure that your outfit matches, I see guys every day that have no idea how much girls they are missing out on because of one simple fact:

They have no idea how to dress!

It’s all about the colors man, get that right and your game will be on point.

Whatever you wear should match, from your hat to your shoes, and so should everything in between!

I don’t mean all ONE color, but rather two or maybe three colors that mesh nicely together.

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