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Wait before you approach another girl


Time Between Approaches

If you get rejected, take a break for a few minutes before approaching another woman.

Most women will be insulted if they think that they are your second choice, so it will ruin your chances if you hop from one girl directly to the next one.

Let everything simmer down for a while so any girl’s who saw you talking to the first one either forget or no longer care about it.

The scene at a club or bar is constantly changing, so you only need to wait for a short period of time before approaching another woman.

Chances are she won’t remember you talking to the other girl if you wait awhile (if she even noticed in the first place), and there’s always a high probability that many people have come and gone.

More often than not, just waiting 10 minutes will give you some brand new girls to approach that weren’t even there earlier.

This is why multi-room clubs are the best scene for practicing because you can constantly switch rooms and there is a distinct separation between what happens in one room compared to the next.

The worst example of bad form when dealing with the time between approaches is when a guy will get shut down by a girl and then immediately turn to her friend standing beside her and try to pick her up instead.

That never works out well, and most of the time I think some guys just do that in an attempt to “redeem” themselves or reacquire the pride they lost from the rejection.

In any case, don’t do that stuff, just pace yourself and you’ll get much better results with women.

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