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Using situational openers on women


Situational Openers Are Best

The best thing to say to a girl you’ve never met before is something based on observation, look at her clothes, bags and other stuff you can see to get an idea of something she likes then ask her a question about it.

After she gives you an answer proceed to introduce yourself.

I always try to “learn” as much as possible about a girl before I approach them, it can really suck if you just go in there blind and try to use a “general” line that you can use on any girl, because every girl is different 🙂

Some people may think that it is “creepy” to do research and learn about a girl before you talk to her, but those people are always the ones who wonder why they fail 90% of the time when they try to talk to girls, simply because they try to talk to her about something she is not interested in.

By “research” I mean observing her for 10-20 second before approaching, not stalking her.

Don’t worry too much about WHAT you say when having a conversation with a girl. HOW you say it, and your body language is much more important.

Most guys are scared that a girl will laugh at them if they say the wrong thing, but that is simply a myth promoted by fear.

I’ve never once heard of that happening to anyone besides in the movies.

It’s just not an issue in real life, so stop stressing over it and realize that almost any girl that you talk to will be happy and excited if you just be real with them, don’t try too hard to be Cassanova or Don Juan, just be you.

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