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Using catch & release to attract girls


Catch And Release Concept

Pretty simple, space builds attraction. It shows you aren’t clingy, it displays confidence, and it gives her comfort.

You can do this at a mall, at a club, even at a bar.

The way you achieve the greatest level of attraction through the art of catch and release is by leaving when tension is at its peak.

This tension could be high sexual tension or it could be the peak of your interaction.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is you release when you are at your absolute best.

When you leave the girl, this shows her that she isn’t the world entire to you.

This shows her that you can live your life without her and that you aren’t a top priority.

This also displays confidence in you.

It does it by showing her that you have your own world and your own priorities and you won’t let a girl change that.

Lastly, it gives her comfort/discomfort depending on the way you look at it.

If she’s having a great time and you leave it might elevate your attraction levels to unprecedented levels due to her comfort with you.

If she’s already seen your value, it could also put her in a discomfort zone which really is just another way of saying your value is that much higher than hers.

– Wood

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