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The Best Body Language Trick

Most people that I tell this body language trick to think that it is total bullshit and that it would never work. Well, until they actually try it. The reason for this is because attraction does not work how most men think it does, and usually it is the total opposite.

Before you can use this strategy, you are going to need to learn how to read body language very well. This is best done when you are on a date with a girl or just hanging out with her one-on-one and is best started when you two first meet and hang out.

First, you should tell her that you know a lot about body language and mention to her that it reflects our mood and our hidden thoughts and desires. All of these can be read just by the way that a person walks, talks, stands and holds themselves and that it is very easy to read once you learn it.

Telling her this will interest her (remember, if you tell someone 10 interesting things, it’s no longer the material that is interesting but it’s YOU that is interesting). The best part of this is that it will occupy her conscious mind playfully and allow you to fly right in under the radar and stimulate her brain – without her knowing – to turn her on.

Next, all you have to do is wait for her to show some bad body language. Also, if at any point, she is in a bad mood and is not receptive to your playfulness, accuse her of being “too serious” or sarcastically give her a silly brand like “Serious Sally”.

For example, if she crosses her arms while facing you or talking to you. You should then very playfully say:

You: “You know what?”
Her: “What?”
You: “Your body language absolutely SUCKS!” (said in a very sarcastic and playful tone of voice) *optional : turn your back on her.
Her: “Really, how?” (wait for her reaction to turn back to her)
You: “You’re crossing your arms. That’s giving off the vibes that you’re standoffish and closed off. Here (go over and use your hands to uncross her arms and put them to her side). That’s much better!” (smile)

If she is too serious to play along, then do the following. This doesn’t happen very much, but it does occur once in a while.

You: “You know what?”
Her: “What?”
You: “Your body language absolutely SUCKS!” (said in a very sarcastic and playful tone of voice) *optional : turn your back on her.
Her: “Oh, okay.” (in a serious tone / kind of talking down to you)
You: “Geez, I was only playing around. I guess you’re just too serious to have fun anymore, Mrs. Seriousness!”
Her: “No, I’m just in a bad mood… blah blah blah.”
You: (Keep gaming her and cherry pick off of what she tells you and it’s a chance to create a lot of rapport with her. Then run it on her once she feels better. She will feel stupid resisting you this time, because if she does it makes her look too serious)

This strategy allows you to playfully use an insane amount of touching on her and get away with it, because you are doing it playfully. Anytime she puts her hands in her pockets or does any gestures that point to her crotch, call her out on it!

Make jokes about how she’s trying to seduce you, and use that as an example to back it up.

Remember, we use our hands and fingers to point to what we want others to look at.

If you follow this technique when you hang out with her, it doesn’t take too long before she’s totally self conscious about everything she does.

Just do it playfully and you can get away with anything.

Our body language affects our mood, so just by uncrossing our arms or standing differently, it will actually affect our emotions. So when doing this, you can playfully get away with reshaping her body language and putting her into any emotional state that you want (it’s all very subtle).

You can change her body language and make her more open to you just by something as small as uncrossing her arms and fixing a few things. While doing this, you also get the added bonus of being able to touch her multiple times and building up attraction.

If you do it right, she’ll be constantly thinking about how she’s standing so you don’t correct her again!

You can use this in many different scenarios depending on what you are trying to do. It can be used as a long term attraction strategy if used correctly; if it is used once in a while and only used when she is giving you negative body language to change it to better suit you.

The other approach is the cocky and funny approach where you use it to find as many reasons to pick on her as possible.

What is best about this is how flexible it is. It can be easily stacked and used simultaneously with other forms of game. Also, you can always bring up little things and reuse parts of it again in the future and playfully joke about different things.

The basic idea is to keep her conscious mind occupied with how she is standing, moving, gesturing and so forth.

This allows you to keep gaming her and she won’t pick up on half as much, because she’s more concentrated on how she’s standing and moving and which gestures not to make!

It’s all done very playfully, don’t forget that.

Just by telling her the different gestures that she is making and what they mean is interesting in itself, but that’s all just a part of the distraction.

There’s plenty of ways that using body language can help you get laid, this is only one of them.

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Trust me, it will completely blow you away and change your entire life.

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