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Most Simple Pick Up Line

Pick up lines? They’re all lame, they never work, and quite frankly you just don’t need them.

What works best is a genuine smile and a simple “Hi”.

This easy opener allows you to do a quick assessment of the girl and get a good idea of how the interaction is going to go down.

Did she smile and return your greeting?

If so, keep the ball rolling and let a real conversation begin naturally.

Ask her something like “Are you having a good time?” and when she respond always agree with her, no matter what her answer is.

If she says yes, then say “So am I, now”, and if she says no say “Neither am I, but things are getting better, now”.

If she returns your greeting with a snarl or snide remark, just respond with “Whoa, sorry, I was only trying to say hi, I’ll just leave you to your bad mood” and turn (not walk) away.

If she’s a nasty bitch, she will just move on or continue to ignore you (which saves you the time and trouble chasing a worthless girl anyway).

If you just caught her in an off mood or at the wrong time, she may feel bad about snapping at you and initiate a conversation by apologizing.

This is simple and powerful.

Try it and you will always have an easy way to initiate contact and break the ice.

– AlphaWolf

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