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Use statements rather than questions


Statements Beat Questions

When you are engaged in a conversation with a girl, it is always better to make statements that elicit a response from her rather than simply asking questions hoping to get a response.

In this fashion, well-selected statements can even prove to be better than asking open-ended questions, because asking any form of question tends to make it seem as if you are chasing the girls and are trying to keep the conversation going.

However, by making a simple statement and then allowing her to choose to respond on her own will reverse the interaction and have her chasing after you.

For example, instead of asking “Do you go to the nearby university?” you can say “You must go to the college.”

This statement appears to be a question, but it technically isn’t and is much less approval seeking than a direct question.

When you make statements that are left wide open like that, it creates a feeling that it is somehow “unfinished” and the girl will feel obligated to respond in some fashion.

This gets the conversation going, but avoids the need to ask her questions like an interrogation – something that she’s probably sick and tired of going through from other guys approaching her who have zero game.

In that way, you separate yourself from them as well as the stigma that comes along with being placed into that same category.

You’re different, something new and fresh.

She’ll like that.

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