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Using Humor With Women

Tell her a joke, because jokes stick in your head. Each time she thinks about the joke she will think about you, and the more she thinks about you the better your chances are.

However, be very careful when choosing a joke to tell, if you tell her a corny joke or something that is not funny you may end up in a worse position than you started in.

Whether it is through text, phone or in person, remember always make her laugh.

This will eventually lead her feelings about you down a positive route, but don’t be a clown about it.

If done properly you should get responses like “you’re so crazy” or “you’re so funny”.

What you are doing is making her feel more comfortable around you and building rapport through laughter.

Next comes the “sweet” part.

Every girl wants a sweet guy, and I’m not talking about those corny lines like “you’re so beautiful” or “it must have hurt when you fell from heaven”, you know what I’m talking about.

You need to be original and honest at the same time.

Throw in some funny and sweet lines, but it all has to come natural, and the girl will have an impression like “I’ve never met a guy like him before”.

– Ironman

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