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Make Women Touch You

While learning about how to deal with women, you’ve probably read a lot of stuff about touching. However, most of it deals with how you should be touching them. I’m going to take it a step further and show you two clever tricks that can make women touch you!

Don’t get me wrong, I touch girls all of the time and it is very effective at creating attraction, but just not as much as making them touch you.

That is on a whole different level.

Becoming proficient at this skill and being able to make women touch you will dramatically improve your success and make your interactions with women much more enjoyable.

This type of touch is especially effective on girls with high social status, as they are generally more accustomed to guys trying to seduce them with active touching.

With active touch, you reach out and touch her in some way, seemingly accidental or obviously intentional.

That’s the traditional way to go about it – and by no means should you stop doing that – but you should also use my two tricks below to get her to touch you.

This “reversal” effect is very psychologically powerful.

Here’s the first example:

You: “Want to see something cool? Here, take my hand.”

Her: *takes hand*

You: “Oh wow, you’ve got small hands. That’s cute. You should probably use two hands for this, so “sandwich” my hand between yours.”

Her: *does so*

You: “Okay now think of a word that has some meaning to you. The longer the word, the better. Let me know when you’ve got it.”

Her: “Okay, got it.”

You: “Okay, you’re going to “write” your word on the palm of my hand with your fingertips, but don’t let me see it.”

Her: *she’ll do it, and in the process she’ll pull your hand closer to her body in order to prevent you from seeing it*

You: *pretend to think with an amused expression* “Okay, that was way too soft, I think you should use your thumbs. Do it harder.”

Her: *she does it*

You: “Mmm, okay. I think I got it, but just to make sure, do it to me one more time.”

Her: *she does it again*

You: “That was great.”

Her: “So what’s my word!”

You: “Well I’ve got to be honest, I have no clue what word you were writing. My hand was kind of sore, so I just wanted you to give me a hand-massage. Well done, too. Felt nice.”

Her: *she’ll laugh, and push or hit your shoulder*

You: *smile, and casually push or hit her shoulder in the same playful manner* “Okay, now I’m curious. What was your word?”

As you can see, this works wonders when combined with “distracted” body language (looking elsewhere or talking to someone else while she is touching you).

It makes her feel like she is not only initiating the touching on her own, but also trying for your full attention.

In addition, this greatly increases the amount of physical intimacy you have with her.

Another bonus is that she is following your lead, which is harmonious with the dominance/submission dynamic that you want to cultivate as you’re engaging with her.

Come up with some routines of your own and give them a try.

All you need to do is create reasons that make women touch you and then find a way to make them laugh about it.

There’s really nothing more to it, and it works incredibly well.

Here’s the second example:

You: *leave your wallet in your car, then get out and pretend to have your hands occupied, maybe with your cell phone as if you are texting* “Can you get my wallet for me? It’s in my pocket.”

Her: *she reaches into your back pocket*

You: “Woah, easy there. My other pocket, you ass grabber!”

Her: *laughs* “Well, you didn’t say which pocket!” *reaches into your other pocket*

You: “Oh my god. You’re just totally groping me in public. I feel so violated.”

Her: *laughs again* “Wait, I can’t find it!”

You: “Oh that’s right, it’s in my car.”

Her: *laughs and pushes or hits your shoulder*

You: *push or hit her shoulder in the same way* “Can you check for my keys too, while you’re at it?”

See? Easy as pie.

Before you leave, make sure to check out my Rising Star Seduction Program for even more clever tricks!

Your friend,

Julian Webb

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