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The secret trick to getting laid a lot


The trick to getting laid a lot

Recently I’ve been toying around with this technique that I call “Web Spinning” and it has been working wonders for me. This is quickly becoming my favorite secret trick to getting laid a lot without too much effort.

I’ve had quite a bit of fun during the process as well, and I think you will too.

Here’s how it works:

Spiders spin their webs in order to catch their pray. Once their web is spun, they simply sit back and collect food.

What you’re going to be doing is the same thing from a metaphorical standpoint.

Think of your reputation – your social value – as your “web”.

The larger, more well known and better your web is, the more girls you will attract by using this trick to getting laid a lot.

This is quite simple to do.

To start spinning your “web”, all you need to do is find one attractive girl – that has many friends – and get her to think that you are an attractive guy.

The higher in social value SHE is, the better your starting point will be.

However, don’t worry if you need to start small until your web is good enough to begin snagging better quality women.

In time it will come.

From that moment on, each time you are introduced to one of her friends you will be spinning your web larger.

Sounds like nothing more than basic social interaction, right?

Here’s where the trick comes into play:

You can not enter into an intimate relationship with ANY of these girls (yet), because once you do your web will cease to grow.

The concept behind this is to create competition and challenge – making yourself into a prize to be won – so if you choose a winner, the competition will be over (or change into a different kind).

You want to be introduced to her friends, introduced to their friends, then introduced to their friend’s friends until your web is so large that you’ll have your pick of an abundance of women.

This may take days, weeks or months depending on your skill level and how often you socialize.

However, here’s the beauty of it:

Each time you are introduced to a new girl, she will be attracted to you regardless of what she would think if she met you on her own.

All girl’s opinions have a heavy – and I mean HEAVY – impact on their friend’s opinions.

If one girl says that you’re hot to her friend before that friend ever meets you, she’ll already have you pre-selected in her mind as a potential mate at the time of the introduction.

Not only that, but her friend already gave her the green light to get with you by solidifying your status as being attractive.

The ONLY reason that some girls don’t get with men they personally find attractive is because they are afraid of what other people will say, especially their friends.

If a woman is told by her friends that you’re attractive before she even meets you (which will happen almost every time), when she finally does she will only see your best features.

She will not be looking at you objectively because in her social circle you’ve already bypassed that step.

Beautifully simple trick to getting laid a lot, isn’t it?

This is the reason why you should not start a relationship with any of these girls (for the time being).

Flirt with them all, even make them jealous, but do not even so much as kiss one of them. Instead, make sure you stay cool and fun so you are continually invited to outings, events and parties where you’ll meet even more girls.

You want to keep them all in a competitive state of mind as your web continues to expand outward.

The longer you wait before you stop spinning your web, the more they will want you and the harder they will try.

Once one of the girls views you as “theirs”, you can bet that they will bring out the tanks and flame throwers to defend you.

That is when your web stops spinning.

In addition, you will now be viewed as “her man” and thus you’ll be looked at VERY objectively by each new girl that you meet instead of having that automatic attraction.

The best part about this is that once you are finished spinning your web and decide to date one of these girls, after you stop seeing her you can now pick from any of the other girls that are in your web.

You can literally do this until you’ve slept with every single one of them!

They’ve all been programmed in their minds to desire you, so the moment you become available you’ll be fair game.

This is why you’ll see some guys (and girls) date a portion of the people in their social circle back-to-back. It’s nothing more than this trick to getting laid a lot in action, whether they know it or not.

One quick warning:

This is not for the faint of heart.

By taking advantage of this very effective strategy you will most likely ruin some friendships during the process.

However most girls go through friends like they go through shoes, so no worries.

Give this a try for a month or two and you’ll be shocked by the results!

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That’s right, the information in the book can get you laid as quickly as tonight!

Sound too good to be true? Check out the book and I’ll prove it to you.

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