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Getting The Perfect Shave

Ready for the best advice on shaving that you will ever get?

To get the best possible shave and look as good as possible you only need four things:

Regular 3-blade razor (Mach 3 type), straight blade razor (the kind barber’s use), a handheld mirror and warm water.

Forget about electric razors, they will never be able to invent an electric razor that will be able to perform as well as a blade, plus they are way too expensive for the quality of shave you get from them.

Forget about shaving cream, it does not do anything besides give you razor burn, shaving creams are made by the same companies that sell those “Get rid of razor bumps” creams and lotions.

It’s just another way to get money out of your pocket.

I never use shaving cream and have never had razor burn, ever.

Warm water moisturizes your skin well enough to get a great shave, and when I say warm I mean HOT.

You need it really hot in order to open up your pores and soften your facial hair enough to be shaved easily.

Ok now on to the process, the first step it to drench your entire face in warm water, then get out your Mach 3 and completely shave all of the areas that are not near any facial hair that you will be keeping.

For example, if you have a goatee then you want to shave almost near it with the Mach 3, but not too close because that will be done with the straight blade.

Do the same thing for your sideburns, get close but not too close so you can shape them with the other blade.

Always shave with the grain, never against it (this means shave down, not up) and when you are finished with the Mach 3 put it down and grab your straight blade and handheld mirror.

You need the handheld mirror so you can hold it beside your head and use it along with the mirror on the wall to get a perfect profile view (side view) of your head in order to get your sideburns or beard lined up perfectly.

If you don’t do it like this you will rarely get it perfect looking.

Now use the straight blade to shape the edges of your goatee, beard and/or sideburns to look exactly how you want them, you’ll be amazed by how nice the straight blade can make all of your lines look.

This is why the best barber’s always use these types of blades when they shave their customers, it makes for a very professional look.

When you are finished, turn the water on cold and splash cold water all over the areas of your face that you’ve shaved, never use after shave because it will dry out your skin, even if it’s the kind that says it won’t.

The cold water will close your pores and prevent any bumps from forming better than any aftershave on the market.

This last step is very important : Never, ever dry the cold water off of your face, allow it to air dry by itself, if you dry it yourself your skin will not soak up the amount of moisture that it needs.

There you have it, the exact step-by-step process that I use to get a perfect shave every time, follow these instructions and it’ll do the same for you.

BTW, the straight razors are somewhat hard to find, I get mine at a local beauty supply store.

If you don’t have one within driving distance from where you live, you can find them online.

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