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Trick for lasting longer during sex


How To Last Longer In Bed

Ever have the problem of ejaculating too early while having sex? If so, try this little trick I’ve found to be very effective in stopping this embarrassing event from happening:

While you’re having sex and you begin to feel like your about to become a one minute man, count silently from 1 to 100, and when you finish start back at 1 again.

This effectively takes your mind off sex, which makes you not as aroused.

I had trouble lasting long in bed. One chick I was dating for awhile made me bust after just a minute of sex.

Now this is very humiliating for anyone.

It doesn’t satisfy the girl and it sure as hell isn’t going to satisfy you unless you’re Ace Ventura going to quantity over quality.

How I beat this is by asking around for tips. There are two ways that helped me overcome this problem.

First, relax your muscle. I believe it is called the Kegel muscle.

Keep it relaxed and fight the urge to tighten it even though it can get pretty tough too.

Kegel exercises really are a pain and I bet most people don’t follow through with it.

So just keep it relaxed and focus on tip number 2.

Think of your favorite sport and your team’s favorite athlete. Let’s say its the NYJ and you pick the quarterback.

Think about the stats he put up in a game that you remember.

Most likely he threw about 3 picks and completed just barely 50% of his passes.

Keep saying in your mind the number of completions vs incompletions and INT/TD ratio. Say his longest pass and keep doing this cycle.

By doing this it keeps your mind busy and in turn, it relaxes your muscle in the process.

Combined, these two will let you last as long as you want to last.

– Wood

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