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You should treat her like a guy friend


Treat Her Like A Guy Friend

Before you try to seduce a women you first need to build some comfort with her. One of the best ways to do that is to treat her the same way you would treat one of your guy friends.

Not only does this build up your relationship with her in a natural way, it also allows you to maintain an attractive vibe.

If she wants you to hang out with her and you’re busy, then tell her that you’re busy just like she’s on the same playing field as all of your other friends.

Never – and I mean never – let your entire life revolve around her.

Avoid showing any type of neediness by putting her on a pedestal or treating her as if she is the most important thing in your life.

That’s easy to do when you treat her like a guy friend. You boys aren’t on your mind 24/7, right?

I hope not.

Men who can easily get women are in turn viewed as being attractive, and they maintain that appeal through consistent behavior. Would that type of guy go crazy over a girl her just met?

Nope, and you shouldn’t either if you want to be seen in the same light.

This is why treating her like a guy friend can be a a great tactic to use, as it keeps your mind right and your behavior in check.

When you aren’t in “seduce her and get in her pants” mode, and instead are more in a “have fun chilling with her and make her want me” state of mind, you’re in a much better position to actually get what you want.

Also don’t be afraid to talk to her the same way you talk to your guy friends. Like a normal human being.

Just be “you” around her.

I don’t mean that old, worn out “just be yourself” garbage. I’m talking about being the person that you want to be around her, not being the person you think that SHE wants you to be.

Trust me, the person you may think she wants (knight in shining armor) is far from what she really wants (sexy guy who isn’t afraid of her beauty).

Always remember to treat her like a guy friend and you’ll stay on the right path!

IMPORTANT! This strategy alone runs a great risk of landing you in the Friend Zone is done improperly. You need to maintain a good balance, so keep your flirting and playful teasing on blast to avoid that pitfall.

In short, never let her forget what your true intentions are.

– Seduction Chemist

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