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Transition from online to offline dating


From Online To Offline Dating

When it comes to meeting women online, the biggest hurtle that any man can face is the transition from online to offline. The reason for this is pretty straightforward, and that is because it’s also the biggest problem that women face as well.

Think about it:

Most women are scared to death of meeting some random dude they met online that they may “kind of like”.

As men we really don’t need to worry about being put into a situation in which our lives could possibly be in danger just by going on a date, but for women it’s definitely a reality that they face every time they go out with a new man.

It sucks that the psychopaths and scumbags ruin it for us normal men, but that’s the reality that we need to deal with.

How do you accomplish that?

Well, that is where proper comfort escalation comes into play.

If you want to finally meet a girl in person and make the transition from online to offline dating with her, you need assure her that you’re just a regular dude looking to take her out for a good time.

Basically, get her to the point where she knows you well enough to understand that you’re not showing up to the date with ill intentions.

Comfort escalation is something that is not new to the seduction community at all, as it follows the same basic principles as all other forms (touching, etc.) of escalation. I have taken the concepts from that and applied them neatly to online dating.

Allow me to briefly explain the breakdown of the theory:

The idea of comfort escalation is that you are going to have to make her more comfortable with you before escalating your online relationship into different forms of contact with her.

What forms of contact do I have with her?

1) Email
2) Instant Messenger / Text
3) Phone
4) In Person (end of online game)

Depending on the level of comfort that you seem to have with a girl you’ve met online, you may or may not be able to skip some of these steps.

These are in no way linear, meaning that you do not necessarily need to follow them in order.

I have very frequently gone from 1 to 3, 2 to 4, and even 1 to 4 in just a matter of a few messages.

Just like you need to calibrate yourself when talking to girls in person, you have to feel out the situation based on her statements and how quickly she is responding to you.

Once you’ve got a firm grip on where the interaction currently is and how she feels, you’ll then be able to determine how and when to escalate.

Once you learn how to do that, your transitions from online to offline dating with women will become much smoother.

How do you become calibrated?

This is done the same as you would in an actual venue. You will need to spend time doing more online game and talking to women through various forms of communication and you will be able to almost imagine her in front of you.

Different women can be pushed faster than others, and all of them are different, which is why calibration and having an overall feel for her comfort levels is vitally important.

You need to realize that during comfort escalation, the forms 1, 2, and 3 (e-mail, text, phone) of communication are very low risk to her in comparison to number 4 (in person).

She can easily block your email or screen name, and can screen her calls with caller ID as well.

It is a luxury of modern technology, and is a blessing and a curse in your case for online dating; it’s great because it makes electronic forms of communication risk free for women, so they are more open, but it also makes the jump from electronic to “real life” a big one.

This is why a huge amount of comfort must be established in order to secure an in-person meeting with a woman that you’ve met online.

If you get shot down while attempting to escalate, never apologize for asking, it is the worst mistake that you could possibly make at that time.

Simply go back to the form you were previously in and keep talking/writing her until you get another opportunity to escalate.

Keep building comfort and attraction, then after a while you can try to escalate again.

Like I said, every woman is different.

You can’t blame her for wanting to play it safe in such a dangerous world, and more often than not the hardest women to convince to meet you in person are the best ones you’ll find.

Women that care about their well being take better care of themselves in all regards. Keep that in mind.

Also, don’t forget to look extra fly when you finally do meet her!

This very theory is a large portion of my online game that I have done in the past.

This is one of the core ideas that I have about online game, and has played a huge role in my success at meeting incredible women online.

The transition from online to offline dating can be pretty rough if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Women have far more “screening processes” than you have tricks up your sleeve, so respect each individual woman’s pacing until she is comfortable with meeting you in person.

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