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Touching And Escalation

By now you should already know about touching and how imperative it is if you want to achieve great success with beautiful girls, however since it is such an important factor it must be addressed on this list.

The art of touching someone else while flirting is important, and it creates comfort and attraction as well as conveys your sexual intent to her.

This is an important step in the game that must never be skipped during a conversation.

During the entire course of your courtship and relationship with a girl touching should play a major role, and as you progress through your interaction with her the touching delivered (on both ends) should seem to be escalating naturally.

For example, within the first few minutes of meeting a new girl, you should initiate touch in a non-threatening manner by touching her forearm or shoulder, then progressively escalate to more intimate touching as she begins to become more comfortable with you.

This escalation is necessary because in this manner foreplay and sex will gradually come into the picture and will be much less stressful because touching will be something that has been already going on.

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