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How to touch a girl and turn her on


Touch a girl and turn her on

Another person’s touch is the most soothing form of contact that your body will ever encounter. Even when it makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable, you’ll still love the feeling of a girl’s touch. The same thing happens to women when you touch them, so knowing how to touch a girl and turn her on can be the difference between getting laid and going home alone.

Yes, you can use touching to your advantage to get the girls that you want into bed!

That last sentence might make this sound like a sleazy tactic to trick girls into sleeping with you, but that couldn’t be further from the actual truth.

Touching a girl works so well because it is the foundation on which good flirting is built upon.

Touch is the best way to communicate your sexual interest to a girl that you like.

There’s just no comparison.

Why does touch turn girls on?

Nothing sends across the message “I’m attracted to you” stronger than when a girl touches you repeatedly during conversation.

This is the oldest and most powerful flirting technique that the world has ever seen, and is much more effective than anything either one of you can say verbally.

When you touch a girl and turn her on in a manner that she deems acceptable, it makes her immediately warm up and have good feelings about you. Feelings that last.

This also raises her sexual interest and desire toward you significantly.

But why does it have this effect on people?

How can you go from being slightly interested in a girl to being just shy of infatuated with her after a series of light touches and rubs?

How can a girl go from being mildly interested in you to being ready to let you take her home just because you’ve touched her properly?

It’s actually quite simple:

Our minds are naturally programmed to respond to human touch in a positive way, which makes it a huge influence on who we are attracted to.

Just how powerful can touch be?

Powerful enough to allow you to touch a girl and turn her on to the point that you’ll get laid.

That much.

When it comes to arousal. Touch has a greater impact than what we see, hear or smell.

That means that if you touch a girl correctly you can make her more attracted to you and aroused than you could ever do with your looks, your words and your cologne combined!

Because of the structure of today’s society, many of us are not as accustomed to touching as we should be, so much so that when someone we do not know very well actually does touch us, in many cases it comes as a complete surprise, a surprise that we won’t soon forget.

Can you remember when a girl you had recently met was flirting with you by touch?

I’m sure you can. Even if it was a long time ago.

That’s because she made a lasting impression on you. Just the fact that you still remember this girl so vividly is a clear demonstration of just how powerful touching can really be!

Now wouldn’t you like to be able to have that same effect on the girls that you desire?

The ability to make a first impression on her so strong she’ll never forget about you?

Damn right you would!

That is exactly what you’ll learn to do with my Simple Seducer System.

It is such a complete guide to picking up girls that you’ll learn how to get laid like crazy in less than 30 days.

Go and see what I’m talking about.

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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