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Boosting Your Confidence

You should also start to think of girls showing interest as nothing more than tools that you use to judge your progress while gaming a girl, not something to judge yourself based on.

If you aren’t getting them while you are just walking down the street, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your game or that you are ugly.

It just means that you didn’t happen to get any girls interested.

Just like an average guy can have a lucky streak and get a bunch of indicators of interest off pure luck, the opposite can happen to a seasoned player and you can get in a slump for no apparent reason other than bad luck.

Some people call it karma, some say it’s the alignment of the planets in relation to your zodiac sign, others call it mere coincidence.

I just call it the way that the world works, and something we may never be able to fully explain.

You don’t need a happy pill or to sit down on a couch answering questions from a shrink, and you don’t need to change anything about your life.

You just need to recognize that you are living a life that will be full of highs and lows, and that if you are currently at a low, you’re about to be on your way back up.

Constantly tell yourself how attractive you are, how any girl would be blown away by you if you sat down and had a chat and they got to know you.

Tell yourself these types of things every day for one month, then take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you will notice that you actually DO look much better than you think.

This will also boost your confidence at an amazing rate.

– Player87

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