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I just wanted to recommend a movie for those that haven’t seen it; “The Tao of Steve” is an awesome movie in terms of the philosophy of being a player (a “Steve” in the movie).

Three main rules: Be desire-less, Be excellent, Be gone.

Be desire-less: “girls can smell agenda.” If they sense that you are after sex, and sex alone, (given the girl) you will fail.

You must be (or at least seem to be) completely and totally focused on HER, right NOW, not the sex you want later.

And if you aren’t concentrating on sex, and you actually listen and are actually interested, you will be accomplishing so much more than “Wanna do it?”

Plus, she will work extra hard to make you want her, as you won’t be giving off the “I gotta have that” vibe.

Be Excellent: Don’t be a dip shit. Don’t be an asshole.

Prove your sexual worthiness (this ties into the “use big words” tip).

If a girl thinks that you will be a waste of time because you are boring or an idiot or something, she will not waste her time.

You have to prove your worthiness. However, you can.

Be gone: a phone number or a date doesn’t mean marriage.

It is just a phone number or a date. Don’t build your life around this girl you’ve known for 3 hours.

Life goes on beyond her, and if she thinks that you are outta there, she will pursue YOU.

None of this panting puppy bullshit, following her around and phoning every hour.

You are a man, act like one.


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