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10 things girls find attractive in men


10 things girls find attractive

Knowledge is power, so knowing what women are attracted to will give you the power to succeed. There are many things girls find attractive in men, but this list will cover the top 10 most important of the bunch.

Most men don’t realize that girls automatically disqualify them based on how they present themselves both physically and mentally.

Their minds then generate excuses for why they have no success with girls; they blame their looks, their lack of success, other men… the list is endless.

When in fact, the truth is that they have nobody to blame but themselves for a lack of knowledge.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore your faults, just that you shouldn’t do it blindly without being properly educated.

Self-criticism is vital for self-improvement.

How can you improve yourself if your ego tells you that you’re perfect?

By altering your behavior and appearance in 10 simple ways, you can magnify your success with girls dramatically.

Here’s the list of top 10 things girls find attractive in men. Some of these are obvious and well known, while others may surprise you:

1) Confidence

This is the most important facet, and also the most difficult to achieve if you don’t naturally have it.

Not being afraid of social interactions communicates high status.

Knowing how to gain real confidence with women is the key to your success.

2) Dominance

Confidence will often naturally lead to it, but dominance should still be in the forefront of your mind when talking to girls.

It is not domineering. It is not arrogance.

It is subtle and hard to define.

3) Cleanliness

Hygiene is an important part of the image you present to the world.

How you dress and how you present yourself is an indication of the value and worth which you place upon yourself.

And remember that nobody wants to hang around with a smelly, lazy guy.

4) Composure

Being relaxed communicates many good things about you.

It allows you to think more clearly and communicates to others that you are comfortable in your own skin.

5) Enjoyment

People like to hang out with fun people!

By being funny, charming and witty people will appreciate your presence and will enjoy your company.

6) Happiness

No one wants to hang out with someone who is mopey, depressed, and angry all the time.

By being happy you are making yourself more approachable and showing others that you are a friendly and engaging person.

7) Fulfillment

This could also be defined as being non-needy.

People can often smell when someone approaches them with an agenda or a specific outcome in mind.

Neediness implies low social value and lack of inner strength.

8) Popularity

Social value is another extremely important part of your game, especially when it come to first impressions.

If you are perceived as the fun, popular guy who everyone likes, girls will be much more receptive to your approach!

9) Dignity

Loving yourself is extremely important.

This isn’t the same thing as being selfish, however. It is possible to love yourself and also to love others.

The problem arises when you put other peoples needs ahead of your own unjustifiably.

Remember that you are number one!

10) Generosity

“Give and ye shall receive”

This old mantra rings true.

By giving to others you will communicate high value and friendliness, and others will be more likely to reciprocate.

These 10 things girls find attractive in men are merely the beginnings of what it takes to be great with girls.

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