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There is no set way to approach girls


No Perfect Way To Approach

As long as you have a smile on your face you can approach her any way you want: straight on, diagonally, backward, even zig-zagging while doing Navy-Seal somersaults and yelling “hoo-ah!” (though I wouldn’t recommend it).

Most guys worry too much about the minor details.

Look her in the eyes, smile playfully, and just get over there to talk to her.

How you get there is really your call. She’s not going bust out a protractor and say “sorry, according to my calculations your approach angle was 37 degrees wrong”.

She’s usually too busy thinking about herself in that moment. But girls do notice “eye language” cues.

If your eyes are darting around nervously, you’ll come off as insecure. Look her in the eyes and smile. It won’t kill you! Mastering the approach is a crucial component in the arsenal of any man.

It is important to remember that it is not about the words you use, but rather the attitude and mind frame you have.

Even with the best lines and techniques at your disposal, without the right mindset, they will be ineffective.

It is not about the words you use or the actions you do, it is how you say the words and how you perform the actions. Always approach with confidence and a positive attitude; without these traits, girls will see through the “front” you are putting up.

Also, relax and have fun, and soon you will be approaching girls with ease.

– Baller21

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