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The benefits of having girl friends


Having Many Girl Friends

Make as many women friends as possible, especially unattractive ones.

They’ll always have hot friends and if you don’t already know, a woman’s opinion of you will be greatly affected by what their friends say.

Make friends with her friends and you’ll be in there like swimwear 🙂 There are many ways that you can use a hot babe’s friends to your advantage, so never underestimate the power of an ugly friend.

Also, when you open a conversation with more than one woman, NEVER avoid talking to the women that you aren’t interested in.

Actually, if you want to ignore one of the women, it would be best to avoid the one that you are most attracted to.

When going to a club or bar in search of women, bring a female friend instead of going with your boys.

This will give everyone the idea that you are already taken.

Men that are already taking are almost twice as appealing to women than single men are.

By the time you talk to a girl and she realizes that your actually not taken, the damage is already done and her heightened opinion of you will remain.

Your female friend can also prove to be a huge asset as well, and can help you open and close sets just as a good wingman could.

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