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Text or call after you get her number?


Should You Text Or Call Her?

After you get a woman’s telephone number, is it better to text or call her the first time you contact her? This is a question we are going to discuss (and answer), right now.

Okay, so you got that hot girl’s phone number last night, the other day, or whenever.

You’re looking at the number in your phone right now, thinking of how to initiate contact with her properly and maintain that awesome first impression you made on her.

Here’s my advice: Don’t text, just CALL.

If the girl doesn’t answer, leave a voice mail. That way, you know for absolute certain if she’s into you or not.

She’ll call you back if she is even slightly into you. If she’s not, she probably won’t return your call at all.

But don’t half-ass it with a text message.

Also, don’t get all stressed out if she doesn’t call you back quickly, or even during the same day. So many guys fall into this trap and end up following up their first call with either another call or a text message.

If she doesn’t call you back within 36 hours, then she just doesn’t like you. If you call her again or text her within that same time frame, her opinion of you will be lowered even if she really liked you but was just too busy to call back right away.

I know exactly what guys are thinking when they start texting new girls. They think:

“This way I can do it without showing too much interest, and it’s less intruding than a phone call, and I can think of what to say.”

Fuck that.

That’s beta-male thinking, timid, feminine behavior.

If you want to get in touch with a girl, you CALL HER like a man. That’s why she has a cell phone in the first place, so she can receive phone calls.

Once you’ve been on a few dates and are starting to build a relationship with her, you can text or call her without worry, but the initial contact should always be with your voice.

Regardless of how popular it is, texting will also be secondary and much less personal.

Also, everything you text a girl is recorded and can come back to bite you in the ass later on down the road if you contradict yourself (or the girl goes psycho on you).

If you’re going to be getting numbers from girls and then go around sending them text messages, you might as well have asked for her e-mail address instead.

Be a man. Call her.

It shows that you consider yourself and your time important enough to require an actual real-time conversation with her.

You know what a text-message communicates? A lack of investment, on both your part and hers.

It says “Instead of just calling you and actually talking to you, I’d rather take the time to push a whole bunch of buttons. I am nothing more than words on a screen. Our relationship isn’t really close enough to warrant actual voice conversations. Besides, I am too scared to actually call you.”

Isn’t that attractive?

Calling is especially important with girls that are “on the fence” with you, meaning girls that are iffy about how they feel about you.

With texts, you’re extremely limited and completely dependent on her response, if she even gives one at all.

It’s so easy for a girl to just ignore, misinterpret, or forget about some guy’s casual text message to her.

With a phone call, you have the opportunity to talk to her with your voice. To get her laughing, curious, or aroused, to remind her why she liked you so much in the first place.

Don’t be like all the other lame guys.

Let THEM send text messages. YOU be the guy that’s man enough to actually call her like a boss.

Should you text or call? Call, always.

Minor details like this can make all the difference in the world.

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Every secret, every trick. It’s all in that book.

– The Jerk

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