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How to pass tests women give men


Pass tests women give men

Let’s talk about the tests women give men and what you can do to pass these tests – like a boss – every time.

Basically, a test is nothing more than a little game a girl throws your way to try and figure out how real you are.

With so many fake guys out there, you can’t blame women for doing this.

It helps them separate the real men from the losers.

What is the purpose of tests women give men?

When dealing with beautiful women who are very accustomed to constant male attention, you have to realize that their screening process is different from your own.

These women get hit on every day by tons of men.

She has the power to be selective and she will not hesitate to use it.

If a girl is attracted to you, more often than not she will run some of these tests on you to see if you’re actually worthy of dating her or just another guy putting up a front.

Here are some examples:

Her: “Can you put this in the trash for me?”
You (fail): “Sure! Do you need anything else?”
You (pass): “Maybe, but what’s in it for me?”

Her: “Could you do me a big favor?”
You (fail): “Anything for you!”
You (pass): “As long as it involves you and I doing things we aren’t supposed to do.”

Her: “Are you a player or something?”
You (fail): (nervous and hesitant) “Umm… no?”
You (pass): “Hell yes! Usually my pimp status is way more obvious, but I left my fur coat and gold chains at home.”

Her: “OMG, you’re such a jerk!”
You (fail): “No I’m not!” (taking it personally)
You (pass): “What is it about jerks that you find so sexy?”

Her: “I never have sex on the first night.”
You (fail): “Oh, that’s cool.” (feeling shot down)
You (pass): “Me neither, I get so tired of these girls who just want to use me for my body.”

Her: “I have a boyfriend.”
You (fail): “Sorry to bother you then. He is a lucky guy!”
You (pass): (said in a playful manner) “Me too, and he’s really understanding about me seeing other people.”

Her: “You only want sex.”
You (fail): “That’s not true!”
You (pass): “You’re the one who brought it up.”

Her: “Sex can really ruin a good friendship, you know?”
You (fail): “Yeah, you’re so right.”
You (pass): “Who said we were friends?”

Notice that every time you fail these tests it is because you allowed her control your state of mind.

Do you see how she says these little things just to see how you respond?

That’s how she separates the chumps from the champs.

She wants to see if she can throw you off your game, so the trick is to not let her mess up your flow.

Never take these questions seriously or answer them directly and you will pass with flying colors, and the most important thing is to make sure every one of your responses is done in a care free and playful manner.

That strategy will not only destroy any tests women give men, but also keeps the interaction progressing with a fun and engaging sense of momentum that will hold her interest and build up attraction.

She’ll ask you for favors or tell you she’s not interested in sex. But you don’t play that game, right?

Instead you get her to do YOU favors and ultimately accuse her of trying to seduce you.

Turn the tables on her and she will love you for it!

Tease and flirt with her and you will notice her getting turned on and touch you or hit you playfully.

This is sexual communication my friends. It is the art of verbal foreplay.

Keep an eye out for these tests and you will always pass them.

Once you pass a woman’s tests, she’ll be open to you advances. This allows you to use all of the dirty little tricks and secrets that are in my my book to get her number and get laid.

Read that book and banging hot girls won’t even be a challenge anymore.

– The Jerk

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