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Telling your age to an older woman


When She Asks Your Age

Too often I see young guys flirting with older females, everything goes smooth and then the inevitable question pops up:

“How old are you?”

Most guys will try to come up with something like:

“Old enough” or “Age is just a number.”

What you are actually doing is proving your worthiness to her, you are trying to make yourself available for her and removing all obstacles between you getting her.

Through lots of practice I’ve come up with the perfect price-oriented solution/line:

Her: “How old are you?”

Me: “Too young for you.”

Then make slight body language motions that indicate you have lost interest in the conversation and start looking at other women (turning your shoulders slightly away from her works very well).

Now she can’t have you, and you will just stand by and see how much effort she will do to prove to you that age doesn’t really matter and try to get your attention back (since you lost interest in her).

Sweet huh?

Although it might sound crazy, it definitely works and I have used it successfully many times.

This can, of course, be most likely be used in the opposite way too, though I haven’t field tested that myself yet.

– VoodooChild

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