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Tell if she likes you with eye contact


Her Eyes Say Everything

This is perhaps one of the first things I learned when I joined the community: Eye contact.

The importance of this is obvious for so many reasons, but let’s go through a routine that is both effective and a signal for you to act.

This is very basic and all you have to do is look a woman in the eyes and maintain contact.

If she doesn’t turn away then the next step is to hold the eye contact for however long you deem appropriate.

Next, you look at your watch.

Take a good hard look, but not so long as it makes her think you’re not smart enough to tell time on a traditional watch.

Then look up at her again.

If she looks at her watch as well (mimics what you’ve done) then you have just won the battle, buddy.

The girl wants you and all you have to do is walk over and do your thing.

If she doesn’t look at her watch and just looks away, then you should still approach and talk to her.

Don’t ever pass up opportunity, ever.

The reason why this works so well to find out if she is interested in you or not is because is she mimics you by looking at her own watch (phone, or anything else that tells the time) it means that she is wondering what you may be doing that is time sensitive.

If she wasn’t feeling you, then she wouldn’t care at all

– Wood

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