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Conversational mirroring with women


Ambiguity & Conversational Mirroring Let’s talk about a technique that I believe is very powerful in seduction when used correctly: being ambiguous through conversational mirroring. Being ambiguous can create a desire in a woman to want to discover the real you. It shows that you have – beneath your exterior – depth. The mystery of how deep you go can be enough to keep her...

Trick for lasting longer during sex


How To Last Longer In Bed Ever have the problem of ejaculating too early while having sex? If so, try this little trick I’ve found to be very effective in stopping this embarrassing event from happening: While you’re having sex and you begin to feel like your about to become a one minute man, count silently from 1 to 100, and when you finish start back at 1 again. This effectively...

Control your interactions with women


Take Control With Women One of the fundamental things in seduction that will either lead to your success or failure with any given girl is how well you maintain control of your interactions. One way you could react to “I’m bored!”, “What’s up?” and “Entertain me” is by responding with something funny in an attempt to do exactly what she says and...

Being the guy that she can not have


Being What She Can’t Have While being friends is definitely the last thing you want to do with a girl you like, it’s also a good way to build attraction through the backdoor. Let’s say she’s dating some other guy or she’s a bartender whose Value obviously is different from other girls. She could even know about your game. This is where you work at chipping away her...

Using catch & release to attract girls


Catch And Release Concept Pretty simple, space builds attraction. It shows you aren’t clingy, it displays confidence, and it gives her comfort. You can do this at a mall, at a club, even at a bar. The way you achieve the greatest level of attraction through the art of catch and release is by leaving when tension is at its peak. This tension could be high sexual tension or it could be the...

You should be the center of attention


Being The Main Attraction Alright guys, over the past few years I’ve lived far from home but every time I came home for a visit I noticed Girls will always go for the guy that’s the center of attention. It was so easy, I would go out with a group of friends and we would celebrate me being home then next thing you know the girls would be lining up to talk to me. From there you need to...

Practice your game on average girls


Practice The Easy Way If you went to the batting cages but never even touched a baseball bat before, would you start out in the fastest cage? If you get extremely nervous when talking to girls, then you shouldn’t be trying to approach the type of hot girls that you are attracted to, you need practice first. The best way to practice is with girls that you don’t really like that much...

Use jokes and humor to attract girls


Using Humor With Women Tell her a joke, because jokes stick in your head. Each time she thinks about the joke she will think about you, and the more she thinks about you the better your chances are. However, be very careful when choosing a joke to tell, if you tell her a corny joke or something that is not funny you may end up in a worse position than you started in. Whether it is through text...

Get used to looking at beautiful girls


See Hot Girls Differently A huge problem for a lot of guys is getting overly excited when looking at hot girls, this affects the way you act and the things you say. You can’t blame yourself, after all, it’s your natural instinct. However, I’ve found a way to get around this a bit, it’s quite simple: Download several pictures of hot girls off the net (not porn), I suggest...

Think different and surprise everyone


Thinking Differently Works The “Think Different” Technique. Allow me to explain: Whenever you find yourself doing the usual thing, the thing everyone expects you to do, Think different! Think otherwise, try to be fresh, original, creative and most of all, expressive. No girl wants to have a guy that’s like everyone else, like any other girl they want someone who they can talk...

Free Seduction Guide

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