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Talking about traveling with women


Talk About Your Travels

Most girls are interested in Traveling or exotic places.

I’ve always gone to the Dominican Republic to party and I find that many upper-class Europeans go there.

Don’t be afraid to learn a few different districts of world cities like Berlin or London.

Example: “Oh, where are you from sugar? I’m from Tarnow, Poland.”

“Oh? Tarnow!?! I had a friend in Dabrowska Tarnow for a few years! I’d love to come again!”

It allows you to start a conversation and get invited to their homes and get guaranteed booty calls in the future while traveling.

If traveling domestic, don’t be afraid to mention (but not brag) about all the fun European cities you’ve been to.

Talk more about the people and culture than how cool it is to travel and be rich.

Even if you’ve never been outside of your hometown, say you’ve been anywhere.

London, Paris, and Milan are big cities that excite girls.

I have been to Europe a few times but I love talking to girls in America about my travels.

They are instantly fascinated!

But beware, many European vacationers in Mexico and the Caribbean aren’t too impressed with your travels.

Mention their countries and their neighborhoods.

BONUS POINTS = I learned about 10 phrases in Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Dutch!

If you hear them talking in that language, say a simple phrase.

Say a small bit in that language and then introduce yourself (in English).

– Jon

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