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How to talk about sex with a woman


Talk about sex with a woman

This is an often overlooked topic, which is surprising given the fact that during any type of relationship with a girl you are going to be talking about sexual things with her at some point. Knowing when and how to talk about sex with a woman can be one of the main contributing factors in whether you actually have sex with her or not.

Let’s jump right in.

I’ll start with a personal experience of my own:

Before I really understood the importance of this stuff, I once told a girl that I was dating to come over to my place and hang out.

She said, so what do you want to do today?

I told her that I wanted her to come over and have sex, and then we’d go out and do something fun.

I couldn’t understand at the time why she got upset with me, and subsequently didn’t want to come over anymore after that.

Luckily, we’re still friends and I asked her about this months later.

I was shocked at what she told me.

She said that she DID want to come over and have sex, but that I “cheapened” it by talking about it directly.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had no idea how to properly talk about sex with a woman, so I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

“How could telling you that I want to have sex with you cheapen the act of doing it?”, I asked (quite angrily at that point).

She went on to explain that when you want a girl to come over – and you know that sex is going to happen – it’s better to speak in implication and refer to sex indirectly.

“Well how do I do THAT, and WHY should I have to?” I asked still pissed off, but very curious to discover the answer.

She understood my frustration, but reassured me that most girls are like this.

She told me that if I want a girl to come over and have sex, that it’s a LOT better to tell her that I’ve been thinking about her, that I miss her and how I would love nothing more for her to come over spend time with me.

“Well that sounds like the same thing! I mean, she KNOWS damn well that if she comes over to spend time, we’re going to end up having sex. She KNOWS that, so why do I have to beat around the bush and avoid mentioning it directly?”

I was so confused, but also excited because her words did ring true for me.

I realized then that I had been going about things all wrong when I invited girls to come over to my place.

I realized that I made them feel cheap by directly talking about out time together as a time for us to just have sex.

But if I simply told them that I wanted them to come over and just be with me, and tell them that I miss them, it would make them feel okay about it (even though they knew that sex was inevitable).

So remember: never say directly that you want her to come over for sex.

The sex is already ASSUMED, and therefore you don’t ever have to bring it up.

But when is it okay to talk about sex?

Honestly, in my experience if you want to talk about sex with a woman directly, wait until you’ve been had sex with her a few times.

At that point, she will be comfortable enough with you to talk openly about such things, and won’t feel like that’s ALL you want them for.

Also, another great time to talk about sex is right AFTER you do it.

Let me explain:

You and her just finished getting it on, and now you’re lying there with her in your arms (if you are the kind of guy who just rolls over after sex, you might want to rethink your strategy because most girls really get offended by that).

At that point, it’s a great opportunity to tell her what a great lover she is and what specifically you like the most about her style of intimacy.

Don’t just make shit up either.

If you can’t think of something that you can compliment her on, then it’s time to switch partners or start paying closer attention and get to know the person you’re with a little better.

Besides, if she isn’t doing any sexual things that you genuinely like, then what are you doing with her anyway?

Okay, so to summarize:

When you want a girl to have sex with you, it’s better to imply it, and maybe refer to it indirectly… but NEVER just come out and talk about sex with a woman in a direct manner.

I have never met ANY quality girl who wants to feel like she’s just being used for sex.

Make her feel special and let her know that you want to spend time with her for other things too – not just pussy – and you will have more sexual partners than you can handle.

YOU will be in the position of choice when it comes to girls.

The truth is, beautiful girls pretty much have their “pick of the litter” when it comes to getting laid.

They simply have more options than most guys do.

By methodically building quality sexual relationships with girls, you will enjoy the same power and choice.

Many more strategies play a role in achieving this, all of which you can find in the other free articles on this website, but talking about sex with girls does play a large role.

And a quick note about ethics:

Don’t imply that you want a romantic, committed relationship with a girl in order to get her into bed.

If you honestly want one, that’s great. It’s much more satisfying, but don’t ever mislead someone to believing that you’re interested in more than you really are.

It’s deceitful, and hurts everyone involved.

Once you get good at being a ladies man, you’ll realize that you never have to lie in order to make girls want to sleep with you.

In fact, I have found that just being honest about my sexual desires has gotten me laid a LOT more than when I was bullshitting girls into bed with me.

Anyway, enough about that.

I’m not your mother, and you can make your own decisions.

I just want you to know that it’s been my experience that being ethical is a lot more rewarding when it comes to being a seducer.

Some people think that seducing girls means being dishonest.

I’m here to tell you that nothing is further from the truth.

When you can make a girl feel really wonderful when she’s with you, she’ll just naturally want to come back for more.

You won’t have to convince her, or chase after her.

Trust me on this.

Now you know exactly how to talk about sex with a woman and when the right times to do it are. The rest is up to you!

If you want to learn my secret tricks for talking to women in ways that will get them wildly attracted and ready to jump into your bed, then read my new book: Simple Seducer.

Once you know these strategies, no girl will be able to resist.

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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