How to be successful with women

How to be successful with women

Being successful with women

In order for any man to pick up a high quality girl, a certain series of events must occur. To be successful with women you must understand this process and use it to your advantage.

The particular details and sequence of these events may vary from girl to girl – which is natural – but in every case the same “switches” must be flipped if attraction is going to happen.

Your interaction with various girls may be entirely different, but the key elements of your game will need to stay the same.

Simply by chance

It’s quite ironic how many average guys have grown accustomed to referring to their success with girls as “getting lucky”.

That couldn’t be any more true.

You see, regardless of the level of game that a man has, occasionally he will say and do all of the right things and get laid as a result.

He will simply flip all of the right switches by chance, and “get lucky”.

Every dog has it’s day.

Thus goes the story of the dating life of an average guy.

He will have many failures and few successes, but when he is successful with women he will attempt to hold on to those girls to the best of his ability, knowing that he will have to wait for the next “blue moon” to get another one.

The average guy has no power to be selective and very few options, which is not a desirable lifestyle.

However, it’s all he has ever known so it is commonly accepted.

Men like that have zero control over their dating lives and are fully reliant on chance/luck to get laid.

Those of us who have already broken free from our average guy shackles no longer settle for that type of slow, uneventful dating life.

We have learned that opportunities will present themselves much more frequently when you seek them out, rather then sit around waiting for them.

We have also honed our skills, so when we are in a situation in which our actions will determine the outcome.

We can effectively flip all of the right switches purposely, every time.

We are successful with women through sheer will, not luck.

Do you want to be a part of “we”?

Read on:

Just play the game

Dating is called a “game” for a reason, and a man’s ability to pick up girls is referred to as his “game” to further push that idea.

If you want to be successful with women, you need to learn how to put yourself into the proper frame of mind.

This is a mind state in which you no longer feel as if you are trying to get some ass – or waiting around to get lucky – but rather playing a game in which the result of winning will be getting some ass.

I’m not telling you to pretend as if your entire dating life is a game, I’m trying to show you that your entire dating life actually IS a game.

Just like Madden and 2K. Seriously.

Like with any other game, you will get better at it the more you play and gain experience, but you won’t get any better by watching someone else play.

If you lose, you can simply start over (like pressing the reset button) and try again.

There’s an endless supply of women out there, so you basically have an unlimited amount of “lives”.

It sucks when you fail, but it’s only a matter of time before you figure out a working strategy, then you can repeat that method as much as you like from then on.

Once you fully understand that dating is merely a fun game to play and are completely comfortable with that, you will become successful with women.

The limits will be literally endless to what you can achieve in terms of dating.

Stop taking everything so seriously and start playing the GAME, only then will you begin to see results.

Losing is winning

This is a beautiful way to look at the world in general. So many guys are apprehensive and hesitant to get out there and do the things that they want to do because they take everything too seriously.

Striking out with a girl seems like such a big deal that they talk themselves out of even trying.

In reality, all you need to do is hit the reset button and move on to the next girl. Your pride may take a shot here and there, but that’s the cost to be the boss.

Besides, after you get accustomed to playing the dating game like this, your losses will eventually mean very little to you personally.


Imagine if you approached one hot woman every day, but your success rate was only 15%.

You’d be getting shot down a lot, right?

However, you’d also be nailing at least one pretty girl every single week!

At that point, the 85% of women you missed out on will be nothing more than a footnote in your little black book bull of telephone numbers.

Speaking of little black books, want to see mine?

Inside my seduction guide The Player’s Black Book you’ll learn every skill you’ll ever need to get the women that you want!

Some of the stuff I’ve put into it can be so effective and easy to use that it’s almost like cheating at the dating game.

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