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Stop talking about negative things


Avoid Talking Negatively

Never try to impress a woman by telling her about the things that you own or the stuff you have done.

If you do so, you will come off as bragging, which is viewed as negative and most definitely not something that women find attractive in a man.

Actions speak much louder than words, so it is in your best interest to SHOW her why you are someone of high social status.

Never talk about how cool, mean, bad, tough or strong you are.

If she thinks that you are full OF yourself, you will end up going home to fool WITH yourself, catch my drift?

Women hate braggers, but women LOVE showboats! Show her why you are cool and worthy of her attention, don’t tell her.

Act like your the king of the world.

Be rude, but not enough to offend.

Make yourself appear dominant in everything that you do, even if you’re not good at it!

Tom Cruise can’t really kick anyone’s ass in real life, but he sure looks like he can in his movies, right?

It’s all about the illusion, people would rather see something that looks good than something that works better, master the illusion and you’ll master the girls.

Let them think you’ve got money even if you don’t.

Make them think you get all of the girls even if you’ve never been laid before.

This is very easy to do, be creative, you can take this as far as you want to go with it!

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