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Stop buying her gifts – push & pull


Don’t Buy Her Gifts

Push and pull, players.

You see most guys believe that they can make girls attracted to them by giving them gifts (Flowers, Candy, ect.), but these are often mistakes.

You can’t force someone to be attracted to you by buying them stuff, real seduction takes place in the “Don’t give a damn” mentality.

Instead you should be using Push and pull.

Think about it, if you show up a girl’s place a half-hour early with roses and chocolate, ever wonder why you never go out with her again? This is a “Push”.

Let me explain: a push is an overbearing act that turns girls off, and a pull is an action that attracts a girl.

Back to the common problem.

You do something lame that turns her off, she thinks you’re a dork or worse a “nice guy”.

How could you have handled this differently?

You could have shown up a couple minutes late to show you’re a busy man, after all; PULL (Not too late or you come off like an inconsiderate jerk; PUSH) then just reinforce it and say “Sorry I had something to do, but not as important as you”.

She will probably smile, then just work a little of that masculine charm and you’re in.

There you go. Many variants of this can be used in different situations for different results.

Keep it going players.

– Neo

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