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Stop being jealous about your girl


How to stop being jealous

There’s nothing unusual with having the urge to become jealous when it comes to your girl. It’s something that’s naturally built into men until you learn the trick to stop being jealous about your girlfriend while you’re in a relationship.

When you buy a new phone or computer, notice how it comes with a bunch of bullshit software and apps that are utterly useless?

Most savvy people proceed to remove that garbage before they do anything else, while others just let it sit there and either slow down their device or drain the battery power.

The base mind you were born with also comes with it’s own array of useless programming; such as illogical fears and beliefs.

In this case, the useless “program” you need to identify and remove is the natural inclination to allow jealousy to cloud your vision of reality when it comes to a woman that’s yours.

That’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to do right now so you can stop being jealous about your girlfriend.

Why do men get jealous anyway?

Thousands of years ago we didn’t have the civilized culture, morals and laws that we have in this modern age. If you were born way back then, the only real thing that could stop another man from just snatching your woman up and taking her for his own would be you.

That’s a pretty damn good reason to always be alert of other men being in contact with your woman and keeping a very close eye on her.

The thing is, you weren’t born back then, but unfortunately your mind still has remnants of that obsolete programming.

Even worse, by allowing it to run rampant and control your actions, you actually increase the chances of the bad things you fear of happening truly becoming a reality.

Blame it on technology advancing rapidly or the way that modern culture evolves and changes quickly, but the fact remain that our primal instincts and urges just can’t keep up.

It’s your job to force yourself to change.

The good news is that it’s a lot easier to do in practice than it might seem on paper.

How jealous boyfriends behave

When an uneducated man (meaning; hasn’t read this article yet) is engaged in his first long term relationship with a girl, more often than not he will watch her every move like a stalker to make sure that his illogical fears do not come true and screw everything up that he’s worked for.

He gives in to the urge to go through her phone to see who she’s been calling/texting, look in her purse to see if anything is hidden inside, ask mutual friends if they’ve seen her doing anything shady, and even going so far as to accuse her of things he has no solid proof of her ever doing.

He can’t stop being jealous about his girlfriend because he just doesn’t know how or doesn’t believe it’s the wrong thing to do.

He’s investing time and effort into this woman and wants to protect his investment.

That’s a noble cause, but the problem lies within his methods, not his intentions.

Why is that a problem? One word: Trust.

If your girlfriend catches you doing any of the things I just mentioned, she’ll believe that you don’t trust her and she will also lose trust in you.

That’s a quick way to fuck up a good thing.

This happens to almost all guys during their first relationship, but it can stick with you throughout ALL of your relationships if you never face the issue and learn how to stop being jealous about your girl. Quite a bit of men simply just “grow out” of this jealous phase, but that usually happens later in life after they’ve screwed up plenty of great opportunities.

You’d prefer to get this over now rather than wait around hoping it just fades away, correct?

If that’s the case, the first step is to put all of your emotions aside and think logically about your situation.

How to stop being jealous for good

First take a moment to ask yourself what the hell are you doing? Is that behavior attractive?

What good will going through her stuff do? That will accomplish nothing except make you look like a jealous loser who isn’t worthy of being in a relationship with her, and if she figures that out you can kiss your ass goodbye.

Next take another moment to analyze the situation for what it really is:

You’re already in a long term relationship with this girl and she’s committed to you. Any other guy she comes into contact with isn’t in a relationship with her. He’s just standing at the bottom of a hill that you’re the king of.

You’ve already won!

Does the heavyweight champ run around worrying about losing his belt? Nope, he knows that he’s the winner and enjoys it.

Girls don’t just get into a relationship with every guy that they meet. Most women are very selective and particular about their choices when it comes to committing to a relationship.

You’ve earned the title of being her man, so remember that every time you start feeling jealousy bubbling up inside of you.

Here’s a great example:

If you’re on the other side of the room and notice a random dude approach your girl and he is obviously hitting on her, rather than running over there to cock block him why not just sit back and watch how it all unfolds?

Chances are he will end up failing miserably and walk away feeling like a loser. That’s when you walk over a give her a big fucking kiss right in front of everyone just to shove it in his face.

Who’s the champ, bitch?

Immediately everyone taking notice will know that you’re better than him, which increases your social value. The exact opposite would have happened if you just rushed over; you’d be showing everyone that you view him as a threat and that he has more value than you do.

Next, ask yourself WHY you are jealous.

Do you actually have a valid reason, or is it just your natural instinct taking over?

If you truly do have a good reason, then you may want to evaluate your relationship and the girl you’re with. If she actually is sneaking around and talking to other guys behind your back then is that even the type of girl you want to be with?

In most cases nothing like that is really going on, it’s just happening inside your own head.

If you can’t think of a solid reason for being jealous and have proof, then what’s the point in putting yourself through misery when you could otherwise be enjoying your girlfriend?

Girls get jealous too, so use it

Why not make her jealous?

She isn’t going to end her relationship with you because she got a little jealous, it will only increase her attraction for you!

There’s two benefits from doing this: You aren’t the jealous one in the relationship and she now wants you that extra bit more!

Once your girl is hooked on you, even talking to random girls and creating initial attraction will make her jealous, you don’t even have to take it further than normal conversation.

No flirting, no getting numbers, nothing that can get you into trouble.

Just her seeing this from a distance or hearing about it from a friend will put her into a position where she feels threatened by another girl.

If she’s a bit bold she may even come over and introduce herself, but you can bet she will still be jealous, otherwise why would she do it?

Think about it:

When you are jealous of her talking to other guys, doesn’t she look just a little bit better in your eyes? Don’t you want to try harder?

Don’t you want to get her back in your arms so you can tell her how much she means to you so she doesn’t do it again?

Of course you do.

You feel threatened by other guys taking your girl even though it’s a completely illogical thought process. It makes zero sense.

Once you continue to read our advance material and build yourself an indestructible amount of inner game you will be happy – rather than jealous – because you will know damn well your girl is coming back to you and she shooting other guys down makes you look even better.

Not just to her, but to everyone else as well.

Until you completely stop being jealous about your girlfriend you will never truly be in control of your relationship and able to make it last.

It’s time to man up!

Inside The New Breed we have developed a seduction system so potent that you’ll never need to be concerned with getting jealous about your girlfriend ever again.

You’ll be in TOTAL control of your relationship, go read it right now!

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