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Steady pace is what wins the race


Slowing Down Your Pace

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Both of these aspects of your physical behavior should be slowed down considerably.

When you are walking, you should be moving at a slow, steady pace that conveys the impression that you know exactly where you are going but are in no rush to get there.

Slowing down your walk can substantially increase the amount of girls that will approach you because girls tend to never approach a fast-moving man that they will need to “chase”.

Also, slowing down the rate at which you speak and adding many short pauses to your dialog will make you appear to be much more confident and in demand.

I don’t mean talk to girls so slow that they’ll think YOU are “slow”, just pace yourself by speaking calm and with purpose.

When you are speaking to a girl at a fast pace, you are displaying too much excitement and she will interpret that as you being too interested and begin to believe that she is of higher value than you are.

Girls feel what you feel.

If you go into a conversation, or approach a girl in a nervous or hesitant manner, she is going to be nervous or hesitant too.

It is impossible to pick up a girl who feels uncomfortable around you, so just relax.

Speak in a calm, soothing manner, and sit or stand very comfortably.

It also gives you a mysterious image, and she will eagerly anticipate any emotion you show and oblige.

Great eye contact is a good way to display your comfort with someone. She will follow your actions and open herself up to you.

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