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Staying on phone with her too long


Don’t Linger On The Phone

Never stay on the phone for a long period of time or you will appear to be a boring person simply because of the fact that you will appear to have nothing better to do.

The only exception to this rule is when you’re in a serious relationship that has already been established and you have something real/serious to talk about.

You should instead get off of the phone with a woman in less than 5 minutes in order to maintain the exciting, mysterious and attractive traits that made the woman interested in you in the first place.

No excessive texting either!

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in a texting session that starts off quick and casual yet turns into an ordeal that goes on for hours.

If you think about it this way then you’ll fully understand why this stuff is a bad idea: Every moment that you spend on the phone with a girl is another moment that she knows you aren’t doing something else.

If you stay on the phone for 3 hours, she now knows that your social value is low enough that you actually have that much time to spare, which is not an attractive trait.

By getting off of the phone (or avoiding extended texting sessions) you will be displaying the opposite to her:

That you’re a high value man whose time is precious and live a life full of things that you either must, or desire to do.

That IS attractive to women, very attractive.

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