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Starting off slow and pacing yourself


Learning Game? Pace Yourself

Greed is a bad thing, this we all know, and just as it is not good to get greedy when dealing with money, the same can be said for when you are dealing with girls.

Just like most skills that you can gain in life, you can’t expect to get everything all at once, so in this case, you can’t assume that you will be able to go out and pull ANY girl right away.

You need to start off slow and get some average girls before you can go ahead and get the perfect 10’s, this will allow your skills the time they will need to properly develop.

You can think of it as being similar to bodybuilding:

If you train yourself hard for one week straight you will get a little bigger, but not much.

However, if you continue training hard for another 6 months, you will get huge.

Nothing worth having in life comes overnight, be patient and work hard, then you will have everything that you desire in due time.

One common thing new starters to the game tend to do it put on the outer game (body language, eye contact etc.) when they are around girls, yet when they are alone or around old friends they go back into their shell.

If you’re going to change your life, you have to do that.


Rid yourself of your old habits and keep up your new found confidence and body language.

This stuff doesn’t just help you with girls, but all aspects of life, so never let it slip.

– YoungCasual

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