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How to use false time constraints


Using False Time Constraints I don’t have long, but let me tell you how to use false time constraints real quick. See what I did there? Remember when you were younger and really liked a girl, you would always make the time for her, right? You would wait until she said “Hey, let’s go home” even if you wanted to leave hours earlier. How about the time when that one chick was...

How to turn a girl on in 3 seconds


Turn A Girl On In 3 Seconds Do you want to know a simple trick for turning any girl on in just 3 seconds? Even one that you’ve just met? How about being able to make a girl crave you instantly and in any setting to get her hot and wanting you to take her home? You can do one little thing that will make her attracted to you in seconds and be desiring you all night. I’m talking about...

How to text a woman you like


Texting A Woman You Like Once you guys are able to open and hold a conversation, getting a woman’s phone number will be easy. Even an average guy can get numbers, but knowing how to call and text a woman properly is entirely different. This is where many men screw up, so I’m going to show you the right way to go about it. Want to be able to spit some serious game over text messages...

Make good first impressions on girls


Make good first impressions Take a good step back while a blow the dust off of this ancient topic. I’m going to bring the basic and well known concept of how to make good first impressions on girls back from the dead. Once I’ve shed some new light on how you should view first impressions from a new perspective, it will transform your way of thinking when it comes to first meeting new...

5 steps to get a girl’s phone number


Get a girl’s phone number When you get a girl’s phone number it is a major milestone in your progress with her. It opens up many options. Once you get it, you’re on to the next level. If you don’t you’re still stuck at the start. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and – almost – every guy in the world has tried to get a girl’s phone...

Canned material. Should you use it?


Is canned material worth it? Canned material is one of the most debated topic in the seduction community. For some it’s great, others an abomination. Despite the conflicting views, both sides agree that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because many experts employ and teach material like this. Let’s break it down to the good and the bad. The good Canned material is a great...

How to spit game to a stuck up girl


Spit game to a stuck up girl There are plenty of different types of women you can encounter, but trying to spit game to a stuck up girl can prove to be one of the most difficult things for most guys to accomplish. If you don’t have a solid strategy and know exactly what you’re doing, that is. As with most things, approaching the situation with a good strategy begins with having some...

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