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How to spit game to a stuck up girl


Spit game to a stuck up girl

There are plenty of different types of women you can encounter, but trying to spit game to a stuck up girl can prove to be one of the most difficult things for most guys to accomplish.

If you don’t have a solid strategy and know exactly what you’re doing, that is.

As with most things, approaching the situation with a good strategy begins with having some knowledge of what you’re dealing with.

So let’s start by thinking about why she is stuck up to begin with. What makes her tick?

How does a stuck up girl think?

Here’s the facts:

She knows that she’s hot and only needs to show up to get guys interested in her sexually.

She knows that men are going to approach her frequently and is accustomed to dealing with it.

She thinks most men are boring and unoriginal, and hates hearing the same lines over and over.

She thinks you’re just like the other guys, and will treat you accordingly until you prove otherwise.

What else?

She gives zero fucks about shooting you down.

This girl is so used to saying no to men that she’ll do it without batting an eyelash, then forget you exist and go about her day.

Sounds harsh? That’s a matter of perspective.

If you were her and had people bothering you everywhere you go – and being lame and annoying while they do it – you’d be putting up some high walls as well.

So you can’t blame a girl for being stuck up, but you can learn how to deal with it like a man.

How to deal with a stuck up girl

Here’s a strategy that I always use to spit game to a stuck up girl, and it works like magic.

You’ll love this.

First you open her with:

“Look, I know that a lot of other (gesture away from yourself) guys ask you out pretty regularly.”

This is good because first off it’s flattering. You are assuming that she is attractive and is desirable.

If she is hot and guys really do ask her out regularly, you are pacing her world and demonstrating understanding.

If guys do not ask her out a lot, then you are giving her a wake up call to make her realize that she’s not as high as she thinks.

That will drop her “bitch shield” right down.

Then you continue with:

“You might ask yourself what is it about this guy (subtly gesture to yourself) that I find attractive enough to want to spend time with him?”

This subtly plants a seed in her mind that she is supposed to be attracted to you. The power of suggestion at it’s finest.

Almost done, keep going:

“You see, I think you might be very interesting, creative and really worth getting to know. Sure, you’re beautiful, but looks only take a person so far and you seem like the type of girl who can really appreciate spending time with someone (gesture to yourself again) who realizes that too.”

You have now setup a huge challenge.

Basically, what you just said to her was:

“Are you just a bimbo with a nice rack, or can you open your mouth and prove to me that you’re worth a lot more?”

You are demonstrating to her that you’re the type of guy who realizes that there’s a lot more to a girl than looks, and at the same time simultaneously challenging her to show you that she’s the type of person who wants a guy who understands her world.

If she says “no” at this point, she’s saying she:

1. Doesn’t appreciate honesty or doesn’t really know herself well.
2. Is just another average hot girl who is not worth getting to know.
3. Doesn’t want a guy who has substance and would rather be shallow.

If she still says “no”, pause for a brief moment and look her right in the eye. Then say:

“Well, I guess I was mistaken. Have you ever wondered that maybe you were mistaken?”

Pronounce the second mistaken as if you were saying to her “Sorry, I mistook you for someone worth while.”

Then just calmly walk away.

This vagueness should leave her wondering about what you meant, thereby keeping you in her thoughts after you have already left.

Don’t be surprised if the next time you cross paths with her the interaction goes differently.

That’s how I spit game to a stuck up girl when I meet one.

It works almost every time. Almost.

Want to learn my best trick that work ALL of the time?

You can find them all in my book – How To Be A Jerk Like Me – it will show you how to bang the hottest chicks.

– The Jerk

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