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Some tips for talking to new girls


Tips For Talking To Girls

This is how it works, if the girl likes you she will flirt when you make the move and you ask her out.

Girls care about a guy’s swagger, hygiene, clothing and game.

If you don’t have game she will see that. Girls can tell immediately if a guy can talk to her and say the right things to get her into bed.

Always smile, women love that.

Don’t jump right in to ask for her number, say this “I think you’re very pretty and would like to talk to you some more, give me your number and I’ll call sometime.” If she says no later she will feel bad because you made her feel good and she denied you, because the one whose been denied will leave with the most digits.

Also, when it come to music don’t jump right in and say I listen to rap, say R&B – some Usher, Chris Brown, Jaime Fox, etc.

When on a date first thing you see her give her a hug and tell her how pretty she looks.

Respect females always and make sure to honestly tell her that you like her if you do.

Follow my rules and you have a lot more success with women.

I know this was pretty random but I tried to pack a lot in, enjoy!

– Ja’Shawn Foston

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